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Colorado Rockies lineups of past and present

Colorado Rockies news and links for Sunday, April 26, 2020

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Nobody knew they’d seen the most pivotal hit in Rockies history, not until later | The Athletic ($)

Without new sports games to rely on, many of us are taking fond looks back to old sports. Anyone who followed the Rocktober run of 2007 surely has their highlights that stick out in their mind. Personally, I remember a Wednesday night nail-biter at Dodgers Stadium because I was on the phone with my dad for most of the latter innings, talking about what if the Rockies actually didn’t lose again. I also remember watching Manny Corpas record the final out on the last day of September to force October baseball in Denver. Everyone remember The Slide, Todd Helton’s Yell, and a slew of other moments. But Nick Groke has the oral history on the one moment nobody knew was big until well after the fact: Todd Helton’s walk-off home run off Dodgers closer Takashi Saito to complete the double-header sweep.

Which begs the question: what moments do YOU remember most from the Rocktober run, outside the obvious ones? Let us know in the comments.

Colorado Rockies best “losing years” lineup from 2001-2006 | Roxpile

The years leading up to that moment, however, were not so great. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to see some great baseball—or at least great baseball players. Luke Mullins looks to craft the ultimate Rockies lineup for the fallowest years of the team’s existence, cheating a little by adding the DH. Surely you’d be able to guess who’s in right field and first base, but how many others were you able to guess.

Idea to take it one step further: if you could use any Rockies player season from the 2001-2006 season in each spot (for example, you’d probably want to use Todd Helton’s 2001 season for first base), what would your lineup look like and how many runs per game do you think they’d score?

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: “Tweener” Broncos really need a good draft; Who’s the best buyer for the XFL? And all-time Rockies starting nine | 1310 KFKA

I apologize for the football content but if you keep scrolling you'll find some high quality baseball content! Mark has been covering Denver sports for years and years, so he's seen the good, bad, and ugly of Rockies baseball. Here he offers a brief but nuanced take on what the Rockies all-time starting lineup. He sorts through the tough choices by considering who you would want to win a series against another all-time team. Let the debate begin!