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Sim Brewers 6, Sim Rockies 3: Rockies lose as Brewers offense takes charge

Brewers outdo Rockies and plate six in win

The Sim Brewers took the lead Saturday night in the top of the third and never looked back. Sim Orlanda Arcia led off the inning with a single followed with a bunt by Sim Freddy Peralta, which should’ve been an easy out had Sim Daniel Murphy gone for the play at first instead of throwing to second—resulting in no outs on the play at all. Sim Eric Sogard and Sim Ben Gamel both doubled to put the Brewers ahead 3-0. Another single from the first place NL Central team extended their lead, 4-0. In the Rockies half of the fifth, they came within a run from a two-run home run from Sim Charlie Blackmon. Unfortunately, the Brewers came back with three more runs and Milwaukee won 6-3.

Not the greatest start for Sim Gonzalez

This marks Sim Chi Chi Gonzalez’s second start in a row where he hasn’t pitched a quality outing like we’ve seen earlier from him this Sim season. Sim Gonzalez pitched five innings and gave up four earned runs on seven hits and three strikeouts. It’s not terrible...but it’s also not the start we were hoping for on Saturday.

Offense fell flat

It was a slow start offensively for the Rockies, but it looked to be turning around in the fourth. Colorado had a bases loaded and no-outs situation; however, the Rockies could only produce one run in the inning. Sim Blackmon’s home run put them back in the game, but after the fifth, the offense seemed to lack again. Sim David Dahl and Sim Murphy each went 2-for-4 on the night—Sim Murphy with an RBI, and Sim Dahl with a double and a run.

Game Video

Watch Saturday’s game here.

Up Next

The Rockies will put Jon Gray on the mound against Adrian Houser. Watch today’s game live on YouTube at 1:15 p.m. MT to see if the Rockies can avoid being swept by the Brewers.