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Sim Brewers 6, Sim Rockies 4: Walks and home runs, but no rallies

The Sim Rockies’ offense can’t quite get going as they drop their third in a row to the Sim Brewers

Remember when the Rockies swept the Brewers to close out the 2019 season. That was fun.

Fast forward several months, and the Sim Rockies just got swept by the Sim Brewers. And it turns out, getting sim swept isn’t much less frustrating than getting real swept.

A walk is a rally

The Rockies couldn’t really get much going offensively against the Brewers. They scored a couple of runs in the seventh inning, but Sim Nolan Arenado’s lead-off double was the only real hit. Sim Ryan McMahon walked, and Sim Ian Desmond got hit by a pitch to set up Sim Tony Wolters’s bases-loaded walk. Sim Raimel Tapia added a sim sac fly to put the Sim Rockies within one.

More 9th inning trouble

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Sim Jairo Díaz’s day, and it was Sim Avisail García’s. Sim Díaz gave up a home run to Sim García (his second of the game) and an single to sim pinch hitter Sim Ryan Braun. Sim David Dahl’s error in center allowed Sim Justin Smoak to score from second on Sim Braun’s hit, giving the Sim Brewers a 6-3 lead.

Sim Ryan McMahon led off the bottom of the ninth with a home run against Sim Brewers closer Sim Josh Hader. But apparently all those baseball analysts who claim home runs are rally killers are right* because the Sim Rockies didn’t score again.


With the loss, the Sim Rockies fall to 14-13 on the season. They’re currently in second place in the NL West, 2.5 games back of the Sim Padres.

The Sim Rockies still haven’t quite gotten their offense going this sim season. They’re currently hitting .252 as a team, which isn’t too bad, but Sim Trevor Story (.228/.325/.416 ), Sim David Dahl (.245/.314/.373 ), and Sim Charlie Blackmon (.268/.348/.454 ) haven’t really shown up yet. On the other side of the ball, Sim Jon Gray (5.52 ERA) and Sim Germán Márquez (5.55 ERA) haven’t been themselves either, so the Sim Rockies aren’t doing too bad for a team that’s missing many of its top offensive and pitching weapons.

Game video

As always, you can catch up on the latest sim happenings on YouTube.

Up next

The Sim Rockies have their fourth Monday off in a row, and then the Sim Chicago White Sox come into town for a quick two-game series. Tuesday’s game features Sim Germán Márquez (2-2) vs. Sim Michael Kopech (1-2). Join us at 6:40pm MT to catch all the sim action!

*They aren’t.