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What’s your favorite Rockies attire?

The Purple Row staff describe the gear they reach for when repping the Rockies

Earlier this week, we asked you to vote on your favorite Rockies uniform. We thought we’d end the week by describing our favorite Rockies attire that we own—and we’d like to know yours, too.

We’ve also asked the Purple Row staff to take a stance on their favorite Rockies uniform.

Sam Bradfield

Favorite Rockies uniform: The purple tops. They’re so unique, and it’s really cool to be the only MLB team with purple as one of their primary colors.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: My Ryan McMahon shirt-jersey. I first met McMahon during the 2016 Arizona Fall League when he won the Bowman Hitting Challenge. He was so nice, so I followed his career up through the minor leagues. That was the first time I’d ever really paid attention to minor league baseball, if I’m being honest. When I started getting to know him more in 2018, I mentioned at one point during Spring Training that I would buy a shirt if he made the Opening Day roster. He did, so I did. It’s a bit more unique (although I do still have Nolan, DJ, Tulo, and Dexter Fowler shirts), and it definitely has a more personal story than my others.

Renee Dechert

Favorite Rockies Uniform: The black vests. Don’t @ me.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: My choice is going to be weird, but my favorite Rockies-related jersey is a DJ LeMahieu New York Yankees jersey. I bought it in spring 2019 when we were all sad about DJ leaving, and the Yankees fans and press just kept complaining and saying, “DJ LeMahieWHO?” So I ordered one of the Yankees spring training jerseys with LeMahieu’s name and number on the back. At the time, I saw it as a purchase made in support of one of my all-time favorite players; now I see it as prescient. (And I generally wear it under a black cardigan so that no one knows I spent money on Yankees gear.) Weird flex, I know, but it’s my favorite.

Becca Guillen

Favorite Rockies uniform: This is so hard for me to decide. I’m a sucker for the vests, but I also love the purple with my whole heart. So, I suppose I’ll go with purple with the black vests being a very close second.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: I have two items that I adore equally. First, my Charlie Blackmon jersey that I bought in 2017. It is purple, my favorite color, but it’s also because Chuck Nazty is my favorite player. Second, my 1995 Wild Card sweatshirt that I snagged last year at the Purple Row Opening Day Breakfast. It’s nostalgic and cozy and has a simple design.

Samantha Berge

Favorite Rockies uniform: Hands down, the purple pinstripes.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: My Dexter Fowler shirt-jersey. I bought it right after the 2013 regular season ended, so I couldn’t wait to wear it to a game the following year. Unfortunately, that was the same offseason that Dex was traded to the Astros, and I was pretty heartbroken over it. It still hurts to think about, honestly. However, I finally got the chance to wear the shirt to a game during the 2015 spring training season after Dex was traded to the Cubs. It was perfect because I got to support both the Rockies and Fowler without having to wear an ounce of Cubbies Blue.

Eric Fayeulle

Favorite Rockies uniform: It’s hard to vote against the vests with how unique they are, but my allegiance lies with the purple. It’s my favorite color, probably because of the Rockies, and therefore it’s my favorite thread.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: I’ve always been nervous to get a jersey for fear that the player would get traded a couple weeks later. Last year, I finally caved and got a Trevor Story jersey (the purple one obviously), and for now we’ve avoided him heading elsewhere. Both for his contributions on the field and my selfish jersey necessities, I hope Trev stays a Rockie for life.

AJ Hendrickson

Favorite Rockies uniform: I’m going to echo what Becca and Eric said. Vests: Cool and unique. Purple: Better.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: I’ve never actually owned a jersey or shirt-jersey, and I don’t really have an emotional connection to any of my Rockies apparel—I like it all, except that one shirt that fits weird. But if I owned a fabulous Rockies garbage-bag dress, I’m sure that would be my favorite.

Chet Gutwein

Favorite Rockies uniform: Definitely the black vests - I also like the home whites, which would be a close second.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: Colorado has been my home for nearly 12 years, and memories of my first several Rockies games as a fan involve my kids donning little infant and toddler Rockies hats. I now won’t attend a game without a slick Rockies cap, lately rocking the black on black mountain logo. Second for me would be any of my Rockies Home Run 5K t-shirts.

Justin Wick

Favorite Rockies uniform: Home white pins. Classic. They have stood the test of time, and I’ve always felt they give the team a powerful sense of legacy. Black high socks = bonus points.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: Home hat with 2007 World Series patch. I feel those hats have finally achieved ‘vintage’ status, and it doesn’t look like I’m merely holding onto the past. I was 10 years old when the Rockies went on that run, and it made a young little leaguer believe that baseball was magic—prompting a love for the game that has only grown since. I’ve lived and played in several states over my college baseball career, and the hat continues to be an unreal conversation starter wherever the game takes me. “I grew up in Denver, Colorado—the baseball town.”

Joelle Milholm

Favorite Rockies uniform: I love the Rockies colors and that we don’t have red or blue like everyone else. That being said, I like all the uniforms, but my favorites are the pinstripes, the solid purple, and the pinstripe vests. It’s very fun to have a unique color that is actually a nice color to wear, as opposed to orange for the Broncos.

Favorite Rockies attire hanging in my closet: The only jersey I have is a blank pinstripe, but I like it. I share Eric’s fear that if I get a player’s jersey, then they will be traded. If I were to get one, maybe it would be Larry Walker’s. I honestly probably love all my Rockies T-shirts even more, especially the 2007 Wild Card shirt, with the outline of a home plate behind all the text, which is just so perfect to represent the Matt Holliday slide.

★ ★ ★

So, those are some of our choices. We hope you’ll tell us in the comments about your favorite Rockies gear!