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Rockies players are ready but the 2020 season details remain a big unknown

Rockies news and links for Monday, May 11, 2020

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Rockies players ready for spring training 2.0, but when and where remain unclear | The Denver Post ($)

Will spring training 2.0 start in June? Will the season see a July 1 Opening Day? I don’t think anyone really knows right now. I know there are rumors and there are wishes of both players and fans, but everyone’s health and safety has to be at the forefront of every decision. Do me a favor, let’s imagine that things could potentially start soon. Even if that’s a difficult task for you, for just a few seconds, let your imagination run wild and forget about the implications of starting sports after a pandemic.

Would the Rockies have spring training at Coors Field instead of Salt River Fields? It’s very possible. Arizona is already seeing 90+ degrees ever day, and when June comes around it will regularly be 100+ degrees. Can you imagine? Spring training and practices at Coors Field? It seems like the most plausible location, despite not having nearly as many practice spaces as Salt River Fields just based on weather and the likelihood that the spring training 2.0 will be shortened.

I think most, if not all, of the players are ready to get back to playing the game they love. We know players like Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story have said they have been continuing workouts and are ready whenever they get the call. Nothing is definitive right now and we’ll probably continue to hear a multitude of rumors.

But, back to the pandemic. There will be so much that goes into making a plan to start sports back up — whether that’s baseball or another professional sport. So, while we all miss sports and Rockies baseball, I think we just need to be patient. Rumors may have some truth behind them, but that’s all they are — rumors.

Do-Over Week: Baseball’s All-Second-Chance Team | The Athletic ($)

Okay, we need your imaginations again.

Imagine if Tom Murphy would have had his breakout moment while still with the Rockies. He slashed .273/.324/.535 last season, and man, oh, man, do I sometimes wish that would of happened while in a purple uni.

What if Corey Dickerson never would have been traded? I mean, we have German Márquez because of that deal, but do you think he could have brought home a Gold Glove while in purple pinstripes?

Check this article to learn about others that once called the Rockies their team. I won’t even get started talking about Adam Ottavino because I might cry. There is also some information about Jordan Lyles.

My 10 Favorite Colorado Rockies Players of All-Time | KOOL 107.9

Zane Matthews of KOOL 107.9 lists his all-time favorite Rockies. I can tell you that one of his did indeed touch home plate. Spoiler alert: Nolan didn’t make the list. Who would your top 10 Rockies players be?