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Sim Phillies 11, Sim Rockies 7: The bitter tacos of defeat

Sim tacos are such sweet sorrow.

For just a moment it seemed the Sim Rockies may be able to pull this one off. But alas, in the blink of an eye all hope—and the lead—was gone.

Down early

The Sim Phillies got on the board in a big way in the top of the third, with home runs by Andrew McCutchen, Rhys Hoskins, and JT Realmuto. The Phillies also scored on a Josh Harrison double in the fifth, and Bryce Harper hit a home run in the sixth to give the Sim Phillies cheesesteak tacos, probably.

Tied in the middle

The Rockies hung in there, with Nolan Arenado and Ryan McMahon RBI hits in the third and a Charlie Blackmon home run in the sixth to put the score at 7-3.

Then, in the seventh, Sam Hilliard reached to start the inning, and David Dahl’s double drove him in. With Dahl and Tony Wolters on base, Arenado hit a home run to tie the game at 7.

That is all the good news I have for you.

Down late

The Rockies managed to keep the lead for an entire sim commercial break. In the eighth inning, shortstop Jean Segura hit a home run to put the Sim Phillies ahead for good. Realmuto added another home run in the ninth, and sacrifice flies by Harrison and McCutchen gave the Sim Phillies another half of a cheesesteak taco. The Sim Rockies, meanwhile, did not score again.

Up next

The Sim Dodgers come to town for a Memorial Day afternoon game. We’ll have the broadcast for you at 2:15 PM MT, so come on down to the YouTube sim ballpark to see Clayton Kershaw take on Chi Chi González.