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2007 was better than 2020

Rockies news and links for Thursday, May 27, 2020 

Rockies memorable 2007 season |

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a pretty terrible year by most accounts - We don’t need to go into the details of why. Instead we shall go into the details of 2007 and why it was much better (by details, I really just mean the Rockies magical run to the World Series - there’s no need to focus on any other parts of the year.)

Thomas Harding starts by detailing the unthinkable tear the team went on with their 14-1 run to finish off the season, which any good Rockies fan will note, was only the beginning. But the true highlights of the article came from the little tidbits and insights about the individuals of that team. The unique moments from across the season, that when pieced together, tell a wonderful story of the ups and downs of that season.

There was the veteran and franchise legend, Todd Helton. The young stud, Troy Tulowitzki, and the many others who as a group, nobody expected to be anywhere near a World Series. There were pitching staples like Ubaldo Jimenez and Aaron Cook to complement the lesser known pickups, Ramon Ortiz and Mark Redman.

As a group, they came together to form an unforgettable stretch in Rockies history that will never be forgotten. While it’s always great to relive that glorious period for the franchise and all the special moments that came with it, this article for me was more a way to forget about the world for a little and feel nostalgic about the greatness of the sport we all love.

One thing I didn’t mention from the above article? The power of the manager at the time, Clint Hurdle. One thing I will mention for the next article? Bud Black! The current manager and, according to bleacher reports rankings, the 12th best manager in the majors.

Power ranking all 30 MLB managers heading into 2020 season | Bleacher Report

There are some managers on this list who may not have played any games yet, so it is tough to get a true read on them, but Black’s .511 winning percentage in three seasons including back-to-back postseason appearances garnered the respect we think he deserves. If having a top 12 manager means having a top 12 team (that’s how it works, right?) then the Rockies would be looking at a potential playoff spot with an expanded postseason this year. I know I’m looking forward to watching Buddy make his moves, if and when the baseball season returns.

And finishing off with the always rare, positive Coronavirus news of the day, David Dahl and the Rockies have teamed up to put together a pretty sweet Denver event package with all the proceeds going to the Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, World Central Kitchen, and No Kid Hungry charities. Dahl even called on fellow Denver athlete, Bradley Chubb (Broncos) and division rival Enrique Hernández (Los Angeles Dodgers) to partake in similar causes. The winning package includes VIP tickets to a Red Rocks concert in 2021, an on-field batting lesson from Dahl, and a bunch of other cool perks. Check out the full list below.

Dahl, Rockies raise funds for COVID-19 relief | Rockies,com

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