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Rockies release 15 minor league players

The releases happened last week, but the names became public today

The Rockies minor league roster is now significantly smaller.

Yesterday, Robert Murray tweeted that the Rockies had quietly made their cuts last week as teams rushed to reduce payroll prior to June 1:

This morning, Rockies Roster provided player names and a more specific date of release, May 18. The following players have been released:

The most familiar name for most Rockies fans will be Tim Melville, who was a 2019 mid-season replacement pitcher for the Rockies. Last week, Melville announced on his Instagram that he was no longer with the team but did not provide any additional details.

The move was not unprecedented; however, given the current state of baseball, it places players in an impossible position. As Rosenthal tweeted:

The cuts come as MLB attempts to save money and radically redefine its minor league and player development systems. (Read Jeff Passan’s take on the implications of this move here.)

Purple Row will update this story should more information become available.

(Author’s note: Rockies Roster is a terrific resource for Rockies fans. Please follow them if you aren’t already.)