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Who would make an expanded Opening Day roster?

Rockies new and links for Monday, June 1, 2020

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Rockies roster projection 4.0: Expanded game-day list with a 20-man taxi squad | The Athletic ($)

Remember a few months ago when we were making roster predictions and trying to guess who the Opening Day starting pitcher would be? It seems like ages ago, but the discussions are happening again. Instead of discussing who we think might end up being the 26th man in dugout, this time around the lists will be much longer.

While MLB and the MLBPA have yet to come to an agreement to start the season, there are assumptions that new rosters will consist of 30 players with a 20-man taxi squad to pull from incase of injury or poor performance. Now, those numbers could be higher, but it makes things interesting. If there is no MiLB, that could also present challenges and we won’t see players sent up and down or rehabbing in the same manner. This makes the roster predictions (and season) very strange.

Nick Groke presents who he thinks will make this new, expanded roster for the Rockies. He has six starting pitchers and three catchers listed. He includes Jeff Hoffman on his list of starting pitchers, though I expected him to end up in the ‘pen. As for catchers, Groke has both Elias Díaz and Drew Butera over Dom Nuñez. He also has nine relief pitchers including both Bryan Shaw and Jake McGee. I fully expect the Rockies to have more pitchers and to carry a third catcher on the roster, especially if double headers are part of the plan for the 2020 season. Who would have on your list?

Now, for infielders and outfielders. We all know we’ll see Trevor Story, Nolan Arenado, Daniel Murphy and Ryan McMahon will be on the list, but who else could find a spot on the roster? Will Brendan Rodgers be healthy enough? Will Josh Fuentes make the cut? As for outfielders, we mostly expect a platoon-like role for Ian Desmond, but will Sam Hilliard have his chance to contribute as well?

Building an expanded roster will be difficult, and for right now I’m not even entirely sure who I would choose. In March, early in Spring Training, I was pretty opinionated about it. However, until we really know when Spring Training 2.0 will start, I don’t think we’ll really have an idea. But Groke has compelling list if you are curious as to who he thinks will make the roster.

Our Sunday sit down with Bryan Kilpatrick | RoxPile

Our friend (and former Managing Editor for Purple Row), Bryan Kilpatrick, sat down with RoxPile to discuss a wide range of things. You can check it out, but I’ll share something that I wholeheartedly agree with Bryan on.

Hiring a team president. having a buffer between Jeff Bridich and Dick Monfort would do wonders. That and hiring an analytical team.

Yes, Bryan, it would do wonders indeed. I really think the Rockies need to hire a team president first and foremost, but now that analytics are becoming an everyday thing in baseball, it should also be an essential addition.

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