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Second-rounder McMahon seeks to prove himself as first-round worthy

Colorado Rockies news and links for Saturday, June 13, 2020

Rockies’ pick Chris McMahon motivated by slide into draft’s second round | The Denver Post ($)

After being projected as high as the 25th selection in the draft, University of Miami pitcher Chris McMahon fell to 46th.

Colorado landed a polished collegiate pitcher in the second round—and McMahon appears dead-set on proving himself as first-round-worthy.

Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post quotes McMahon from his Zoom call on Friday: “You just have to keep going, obviously, and keep proving people wrong. Show them that I didn’t deserve to slide into (the second round). I plan on doing that.” McMahon pitched a 1.05 ERA over four starts in an abbreviated 2020, suggesting his prowess and tenacity was just getting started.

It’s easy to suggest McMahon’s stock would have increased if he maintained that 1.05 ERA and a solid pitch mix for a full 2020 college season—but it’s also easy to suggest Colorado would have been unable to select him 46th if he did.

Colorado has yet to sign McMahon, however—and if his price isn’t met, he can return to Miami without losing junior leverage for the draft in 2021. The difference in slot value money from the 25th to 46th pick is over $1 million.

McMahon has polished himself in the high-level Atlantic Coast Conference for three years, supplemented with time on the Team USA collegiate squad last summer. Four months ago, McMahon went to work against a premier University of Florida team for six innings of one-run baseball.

Florida was ranked first in the country.

Sources: MLB, union remain divided over full prorated salaries | ESPN

A Sunday deadline was issued with the latest MLB return proposal—but ESPN’s Jeff Passan says it will “not be accepted” by the players’ union.

Passan opens by saying the recent proposal “increased the likelihood of commissioner Rob Manfred instituting a shortened season without input from the union.” There have been five official return proposals, two by the players’ union and three from the league. None of the three league proposals have featured full prorated salaries for players; while the proration percentage has increased, the number of games have decreased in each proposal by the league.

Player and MLB pitching coach tested positive for coronavirus | New York Post

It’s easy to be caught up in the financial struggle keeping MLB and the MLBPA from striking a deal, but as the New York Post says, “the finances are not the only problem in restarting a major league season.”

“Two people involved in the game—one described as a major league pitching coach and one a 40-man roster player—have contracted COVID-19.” It appears medical privacies could keep us from finding out who they are, but no matter their identities, the principal concern remains the same.

The unknowns stretch even further, as Jacquelyn Dahl (David’s wife) pointed out Friday on Twitter.

Team names and locations in our dream MLB Players’ League | Red Reporter (SB Nation, Cincinnati Reds)

What if the MLBPA decided to run their own league? What if the ‘Honolulu Piniellas,’ ‘Madison Bumgarners’ and ‘Kentucky Dents’ were the teams?

A player-owned, player-run league could bring about some interesting provisions. “Is it farfetched? You’re damn right it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to think about.”

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