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How did the Rockies do with their 2020 draft picks?

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, June 15, 2020

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Team-by-team MLB draft analysis, National League | The Athletic ($)

The draft is over, now we just wait to see if the Rockies are able to sign their draft picks. But how did the Rockies do with their selections in the 2020 Draft? According to Keith Law, we did mighty fine.

The Rockies did exceptionally well this year, top to bottom.

Zac Veen was a surprising, yet refreshing pick for the Rockies. Many expected him to be drafted earlier than he was, which may just be perfect for the Rockies. He might just have a powerful bat that strengthens as he develops more.

Drew Romo, while seemingly a tough sign, is a switch-hitting catcher with impressive defensive skills. If he can find his grove at the plate, as well as behind it, he could be a great fit.

I know everyone has opinions about the draft, but I’m quite happy with how the Rockies selected players this year. I haven’t followed the draft in detail until this year, but I’m excited about the potential to have Veen, Romo and the other draft picks in purple. Now, how many will the Rockies sign? That is still to be determined. Keep an eye on our tracker to see who signs.

New Rockies catcher Drew Romo should heed some sage advice from Chris Iannetta | The Denver Post ($)

What does Chris Iannetta have to say to Drew Romo? Essentially, learn the art and know that developing pitchers might take precidence, but learning to call the game is a true art. And, not just for catchers, but a great tidbit for any player — separate your bat from your defense.

MLBPA rejects latest proposal, tells MLB to schedule 2020 season: ‘Tell us when and where’ | CBS Sports

Yes, this has been talked about a lot. Yesterday’s Rockpile was entirely about the stalemate between MLB and the MLBPA. At this point it seems negotiations are done and the players are just waiting for Rob Manfred to tell them when and where to report.

We all want baseball, but this is likely going to be a short 50-game season with the way the conversations ended. I know I miss watching Nolan Arenado flash his leather with impressive outs and seeing Charlie Blackmon swing the bat after hearing “Your Love,” blasting through the speakers at Coors Field. It’s likely there won’t be fans in the stands, but I sure would like to watch some baseball in 2020.

I think we’ll know something more today. At least, I hope we do.

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