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What does life without baseball look like?

Rockies news and links for Monday, June 8, 2020

What Life Without Baseball Looks Like | New York Times ($)

We all miss baseball, but what does life look like right now for those who have baseball centered careers? For some, like Mike Vavalle, the clubhouse manager for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies — a Class AA affiliate of the Mets — it’s caring for his daughters. He, like many other parents, had to homeschool his eldest daughter during the pandemic.

But what does it look like for the players? For some minor league guys, it might be finding another job while also maintaining their health and training as some players are getting paid $400 each week, and others have been cut. The Rockies released quite a few players, including Tim Melville.

Life without baseball impacts more than just players and clubhouse managers though. There are businesses that thrive on fans being at nearby stadiums. Think about all the places near Coors Field that always have a crowd before and after Rockies games. I know there are a handful of restaurants and sports bars I frequent during the season.

And just like those who have baseball or sports-centered jobs, we, the fans, wonder if there will baseball in 2020, too.

Why you should side with the players, not the owners | Purple Row

Currently, there’s no plan to play baseball in 2020. We’re in a stalemate between the players and the owners coming to an agreement so that baseball can happen this year. Renee Dechert wrote a great piece on the who we should side with, and why. But ultimately, it boils down to one thing: money. You may not agree with Renee, but give it a read to understand the players’ side of the disagreement. And if you remember, the last proposal from MLB would cut players’ salaries significantly. It was estimated that Nolan Arenado would lose 84.3% of his salary under the previously proposed plan.

Are you wondering about the MLB season this Saturday morning? I still believe we will have baseball this year. There is...

Posted by Jon Heyman on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Jon Heyman of MLB Network certainly believes the MLB and the MLBPA will come to an agreement and that baseball will happen in 2020, but he’s most definitely right that time is running short.

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