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Despite challenges, Scott Oberg is ready for the Rockies short season

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, July 13, 2020

Despite a number of obstacles, Oberg gearing up for another season | Tewksbury Town Crier

Last year it felt like Scott Oberg was on the top of his game pitching for the Rockies. His season was cut short when he landed on the injured list with blood clots. Despite his time on the IL, he was still offered a contract extension this off-season. He was healthy and ready to go during spring training, but we all know how this year and baseball season have ended up.

Now that “summer camp” has started back up and players are gearing up for the season Scott Oberg is ready to take the mound again. He made himself available on July 4th for a Zoom conference with the media and emphasized that he’s excited to be back playing baseball.

Oberg, who is considered high-risk is taking extra precautions. He sticking with all of the protocols put in place so that this season to happen in the midst of a pandemic, and is also going above and beyond to ensure his own health and safety.

Oberg has high hopes for the Rockies this season.

“You never really know what’s going to happen in a 60-game season,” he said. We’ve historically started off pretty hot and hopefully we can continue that and put ourselves in a position to be in contention for a division title and going into a playoff scenario.”

Most important positional battles for the Colorado Rockies: Part One | Mile High Sports

The outfield seems to bring the most questions for the Rockies. Charlie Blackmon and David Dahl, both All-Stars last season, seem to have the automatic “in” for being everyday players. Blackmon, is still not available yet but has just under 2-weeks to get ready, if he is able to test negative twice for COVID-19. In addition the Blackmon not quite being available yet, Ian Desmond opted out of playing this season.

For the outfield that leaves Matt Kemp, Sam Hilliard, Raimel Tapia and Garrett Hampson as additional options. Kemp might best serve as a designated hitter. Hilliard might have one-up on Raimel Tapia if he can consistently hit big-league pitching. Hampson, while always an option in the outfield will likely be a utility player that will be used both in the infield and outfield.

As for the infield, Ryan McMahon is versatile and can play both first and second. With Brendan Rodgers in the mix again, it’s likely we might see McMahon play some first if Daniel Murphy isn’t hitting his stride and to give Rodgers some playing time at second. Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado are solid and we will likely only see someone else in the hot corner or at shortstop if they need a day off, end up on the IL or later in games if the Rockies have a generous lead.

This article breaks down a lot more than my snippet here. There are some stats to consider when looking at who makes the opening day roster. Who do you think will make the roster?

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The Rockies have a catcher cam for a cool perspective on summer camp. I hope we see more of this and some live steaming of the inter-squad games before the season starts. It’s a really unique “insider” perspective.

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