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With a clean bill of health, Charlie Blackmon arrives at Summer Camp

Blackmon told media today that he’s working hard to make Opening Day

Chuck Nazty is back.

Nick Groke tweeted the news first:

Blackmon had been waiting for approval to play after testing positive for COVID-19.

In a media availability, Blackmon said that he became ill and was tested but did not expect the diagnosis to be COVID-19. He said his case was mild with a cough, body aches, and a headache and that he only experienced symptoms for 36 hours.

He does not know how he contracted the virus.

“I’m lucky that my COVID experience was not severe,” Blackmon said. “It does affect everyone differently.”

Blackmon said he’s had ultrasounds and x-rays of his heart and lungs that indicate he’s “out of the woods” and should recover his fitness capacity quickly.

“I feel like I’m the least at-risk person in the building right now,” Blackmon said.

He also said that he never considered sitting out the 2020 season.

He noted that the Rockies have “very strict protocols” — “disinfectant is everywhere,” he said — and he feels confident playing baseball.

“I feel great. I have felt that way for at least a couple of weeks now,” Blackmon said.

Blackmon began practicing today, and Bud Black is hopeful the All Star will be ready for the Colorado Rockies July 24 season opener against the Texas Rangers.

“I want to be ready for Opening Day,” Blackmon said. “That’s a pretty short period of time to be ready for Major League Baseball. I’ll do my best. That’s kind of the goal.”

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