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Will the Rockies make any more moves before the trade deadline?

Rockies news and links for Monday, August 31, 2020

Rockies trade for Orioles reliever Mychal Givens | Purple Row

This news of the Rockies acquiring RHP Mychal Givens hit social media right before game time yesterday. Shortly after the news broke, we learned that the Rockies had traded away Tyler Nevin and Terrin Vavra and a player to be named later to complete the deal.

Givens’ role in the bullpen is still a big unknown. Many expected the Rockies to seek out a left-handed relief pitcher before the trade deadline, as discussed in yesterday’s Rockpile. Is is still possible that Rockies are looking to make some more trades before today’s deadline? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Is it possible they will try and seek out some offensive upgrades as well?

I know despite carrying three catchers right now the Rockies could really use some improvement in that specific position. Unfortunately, the Padres acquired Jason Castro and Austin Nola, so it looks like there might be very few trade options left for the Rockies. The Padres had a very busy weekend filled with quite a few trades.

Rockies’ offense a no-show while Padres hit 5 homers en route to 13-2 shellacking | The Denver Post ($)

Speaking of the Padres, yesterday’s game was a lopsided affair. The Rockies offense has been lacking and the Padres, well, has not. When asked about the offense, General Manager Jeff Bridich said, “I think that offensively, there are some better days ahead.”

You just know they’re going to hit, right?

And, if you didn’t look closely at the schedule, the series isn’t over yet. This four game set isn’t a traditional weekend or mid-week affair. Tonight’s series finale against the Padres will be broadcast on ESPN in addition to ATTSNRM and has a later, West Coast-like game time of 7:40pm.

How MLB Travel Directors Control Chaos at the Trade Deadline | Sports Illustrated

With all this talk about trades, we know things are very different this year. There are very strict travel regulations in place this season due to COVID-19. In a normal season it would be as easy as getting the player on the next commercial flight to meet up with his new team, but the new regulations make that less than ideal.

Scott Boras has told owners that if any of the players he represents are traded, he is offering a private jet to transport them to their new team. Unfortunately, Scott Boras only represents a small amount of players in the league. Teams will have to see if they can arrange for private jets or car services to transport players, but if not, the commercial route might be the only option.

In addition to overcoming travel hurdles, players arriving and joining a new team will have an extra layer of intake testing for COVID-19. So, despite a flurry of trades yesterday, and possibly today, players might not be able to get to their new teams as quickly and efficiently as they would like.

This is just another way that 2020 is strange and will be remembered for years to come.

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