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Let’s talk about the Rockies’ lineup

Now that we know who’s on the roster, it’s time to explore the possibilities

It’s your turn.

The die is cast. The 2020 season is more than half over, and the Rockies are 18-19. The trade deadline is past: the 60-man player pool is set; and we know who’s injured and who isn’t. So the personnel the Rockies have now are the personnel they will finish the season with.

So, what would you do? Since there’s no game today, let’s talk. Build your lineup, and explain why.

If you want data, here’s a link to the Rockies’ page on FanGraphs, and here’s a link to Baseball Reference. (By the way, if you don’t subscribe to these sites, please consider doing so.) Here’s the 28-man roster as reported by Rockies Roster, and click here to get to the Rockies Roster 60-man Player Pool

Here’s what Manager Renee decided to do.


I’m playing to win in 2020. If that comes at the expense of less-experienced players getting game time, so be it. I want to win now, make some money in the postseason, and hopefully keep Arenado and Story with the Rockies.

Fuentes gets time at first base because I think he’s better defensively than Murphy, and he’s a kind of Arenado whisperer: He helps keep Nolan loose, and this team cannot win without Nolan being Nolan.



  • 1B McMahon/Fuentes
  • 2B McMahon/Hampson
  • SS Story
  • 3B Arenado
  • LF Tapia/Hilliard
  • CF Pillar/Hampson
  • RF Blackmon/Hilliard
  • C Wolters/Díaz
  • DH Murphy/Kemp
  • SP Germán Márquez, Gray, Freeland, Senzatela, Castellani
  • RP Hoffman, Chi Chu González, Carlos Estévez, Jairo Díaz, Givens, Bard, Almonte, Kinley, Santos, Diehl

Taxi Squad: Nuñez, Parsons, Goudeau

IL: Dahl, Davis, and Rodgers

DFA: Butera and Owings

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Hampson needs to play every day. He’s good — maybe really good — but he needs to see consistent playing time.
  • Givens is the setup man; Bard closes.
  • Murphy, Kemp, and Pillar stay for the rest of the season; then they’re done.
  • DFA Davis if he returns.
  • Rodgers stays at the alternate site if he returns. He needs regular at-bats, and it’s too hard for him to get them in a shortened season. Plus, it will give his shoulder more time to heal.
  • If Dahl returns, he takes Hilliard’s place..

Have at it. Leave your lineups in the comments, and explain your decision.

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