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Meet the Rockies’ 2020-21 international signing class

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, January 18, 2021

The 2020-21 international signing period finally opened up last Friday. This year’s international class was originally scheduled to begin signing last July but was moved back to January 15th due to COVID-19.

The Rockies were allotted $5,899,600 in international pool money back in June. Many of the signings have been agreed upon for some time but could finally be reported as official last Friday. The Rockies have yet to officially announce any international signings themselves but here’s who Baseball America has initially reported to have signed with Colorado as of Sunday night.

  • RHP Brayan Perez Volquez– Dominican Republic
  • OF Felix Tena– Dominican Republic
  • SS Gabriel Terrero– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Abel Galva– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Jordy Vargas– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Derian Morejon– Cuba
  • SS Andy Perez– Cuba
  • OF Luis Paredes– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Rony Cruz– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Bryan Mena– Dominican Republic
  • RHP Aneudy George– Dominican Republic
  • SS Jose Colina– Venezuela
  • RHP Redinson Gomez– Venezuela
  • RHP Cristian Benavides– Venezuela
  • SS Jorlius Guerra– Venezuela
  • C Bryant Betancourt– Venezuela

If you pay close attention to international signings you may have noticed a big name missing, Dyan Jorge. Jorge is a 17-year-old Cuban shortstop who was ranked 20th in this year’s international class by Jorge has been scouted as a defense-first type prospect but his bat is expected to continue developing as his body matures. It was originally reported that he had agreed to sign with the Rockies this signing period, but it is now believed that he will wait one more year to officially sign with the club.

Not a lot is known about a majority of these players, the little that is comes from Baseball America who do an excellent job of covering a majority of prospects. If you’re fascinated by prospects and enjoy watching them develop, I’d recommend subscribing to Baseball America to get the full details.

If you’re a strong believer in the eye test, here’s some good footage of a couple of the newest Rockies prospects.

Though this class lacks highly touted prospects, the Rockies are hoping this crop of international talent can eventually provide some much needed depth to a farm system that’s been consistently ranked in the bottom third of the league and only features one top 100 prospect (Zac Veen). Considering the rest of the clubs in the NL West boast multiple top 100 prospects and are regularly in the top half of farm systems, the Rockies have a lot of work to do.

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Colorado Rockies: Ryan McMahon’s offensive consistency starts on defense | Rox Pile

Aaron Hurt suggests that planting McMahon to one position (first base) could allow him to get comfortable enough to play to his full potential. Perhaps his defensive flexibility is costing him his focus on offensive.

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