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Affected by Altitude: Are You Schmidtten With Our New GM?

This week, we discuss the Rockies’ official new general manager and his first two contracts. We also talk Arizona Fall League and the playoffs so far!

The Purple Row podcast Affected by Altitude is back for 2021 with all new hosts. Staff writers Evan Lang, Skyler Timmins, and Mac Wilcox are incredibly proud and excited to be lending their voices to more great Purple Row content for you to enjoy.

This week, the Colorado Rockies have made a big move: Bill Schmidt has had the “interim” removed from his title and been named general manager. He then wheeled around and got two extensions done in short order. Mac, Skyler, and Evan discuss Schmidt’s official appointment as GM, the contracts he’s done, and what the future might hold. Plus, Arizona Fall League is back after a year long hiatus, and the MLB playoffs are underway with the Wild Card games done and the Division Series going strong.

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Affected by Altitude is a weekly or bimonthly podcast featuring roundtable discussion, game segments, interviews, and the occasional hot take from a group of Purple Row contributors. We live in different places, have varying backgrounds, and may or may not be sending Trevor Story notes begging him to come back. Regardless, we are all united in our love of the Rockies and a desire to provide Purple Row readers with a fresh new voice.

Are you a Purple Row reader and a Rockies fan? Then this show is for you. Please let us know how we’re doing, what you would like to see moving forward, or how we can do better. You can comment down below, or on Twitter at @AltitudeEffect.

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This episode was recorded on Friday, October 8, 2021. Statistics and events may not be current at time of posting.