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Pebble Report Podcast: 2021 Year-End Awards, Arizona Fall League preview

Justin Wick and Kenneth Weber present the final ‘official’ episode of the 2021 season

Welcome back to the Pebble Report Podcast!

This podcast marks the ‘official’ conclusion of the 2021 minor league season, as Justin Wick (@justwick) and Kenneth Weber (@KDub1988) hand out a minor league MVP(s), Cy Young and Gold Glove award to the Rockies’ top minor league performers in 2021.

Additional coverage on the Arizona Fall League is presented, as eight Rockies minor leaguers will suit up for 30 more games with the Salt River Rafters.

★ ★ ★

On behalf of our entire crew, thank you for tuning in for a full season of minor league coverage. This podcast is successful thanks to our listeners, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more minor league coverage in 2022!