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What if...? 2007 World Series Game Five

The Rockies are one win away from winning the World Series in this alternate universe simulation

A herculean effort from Matt Holliday in Game Four has brought the Rockies one win away from their first World Series by topping Cleveland 11-8 in a back and forth affair.

The slugging outfielder matched Todd Helton’s performance in Game Three by driving in six runs, but this time via the long ball. Holliday slugged three home runs in the game, including a game-winning grand slam in the sixth inning.

The Rockies took an early 4-1 lead after the first inning, but things quickly unraveled for starter Aaron Cook in the second inning. Cleveland scored six runs in the innings of Cook, capped off by Travis Hafner’s two-run homer that ran Cook from the game. Franklin Morales came in as relief and got the game back under control. Morales pitched 2 13 innings allowing just one run on three hits and putting the Rockies in a position to make a comeback.

Trailing 8-6 in the bottom of the sixth, the Rockies sent Ryan Spilborghs to the plate to pinch hint for the pitcher’s spot. Spilly rewarded the move with a one-out double to get into scoring position. Soft singles by Wily Taveras and Kaz Matsui would load the bases for the Rockies just in time for Holliday. The big man followed up the solo home run in his previous appearance with a towering flyball to left field for a grand slam to give them the lead. The Rockies bullpen held the lead and benefited from some insurance in the eighth off the bat Holliday for his third home run of the game.

The Rockies now find themselves on the brink of victory in front of the Coors Field faithful, as they send Jeff Francis (0-1) to the mound to face C.C. Sabathia (1-0). The lefties battled in Game One, but Sabathia stifled the Rockies’ offense while Francis labored through that game. Will the Rockies wave the victory flag at home or will Cleveland force a Game Six and head back for their home field advantage? Tune in below to find out!