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Rodgers out for at least a month

The Rockies will begin exploring roster changes

Rockies fans will have to wait a bit longer to see Brendan Rodgers as an everyday second baseman.

Bud Black said this morning that Rodgers’ strained right hamstring injury was worse than originally thought and that he will miss the first month of the season.

According to Black, “The trauma to the hamstring is a little bit worse than was originally anticipated, based on how Brendan was feeling. So the length of time is now probably stretched out a little bit longer. I don’t really want to put a timetable on it, but it will be more than a month that he’ll be out.”

After dismal MLB premiers in 2019 and 2020 (32 career games for an OPS of .462), Rodgers looked to be entering a breakout season as a second baseman. He slashed .348/.400/.652 in 25 plate appearances.

As this Ben Clemens piece points out, Rodgers had begun hitting the ball harder, an indication that a player is learning to hit for power at the MLB level. For now, that’s on hold.

In the meantime, the Rockies will begin adjusting for Opening Day, which is on April 1.

The Rockies have a number of options. They could move Garrett Hampson back to second, or they could play Chris Owings there. The Rockies could also return Ryan McMahon to second base, and start Josh Fuentes at third.

The Rockies used that lineup on Wednesday against the Giants when Fuentes made this play:

The Rockies will explore that lineup today against Cleveland. (There is no televised coverage of the game.)

In the meantime, this seemingly alleviates an immediate roster decision, but it could create another one further down the line.

Purple Row will provide updates as they become available.