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The Trevor Story extension isn’t looking likely

Rockies news and links for Thursday, March 04, 2021

If you’ve spent any time in the last 48 hours following Rockies news or MLB news, you probably already know that Jon Heyman, an MLB Network insider, reported yesterday that the Rockies don’t appear to have the money to sign Trevor Story to a long-term deal.

If you’ve spent any time in the last three to four years following the Rockies, specifically their management, you already knew that this was coming before the Heyman tweet. Hearing that the team, who just had enough money to send $50 million over to the Cardinals alongside Nolan Arenado, now doesn’t have the money to sign their other big star is both baffling and unsurprising.

At the end of the 2021 season, the Rockies are expected to have just $54.6 million worth of player contracts on the books, seemingly giving them all sorts of room to re-sign Story, and still have money left over. For reference, the payroll going into this season is about $104.5 million, a little under double what they have committed for 2022. The question of Trevor Story’s willingness to stay is a whole other issue given how ownership has treated the club’s past stars, but it’s mind boggling that the general view across the baseball world is that the Rockies don’t have the funds to pony up and re-sign Story.

Heyman’s source is unknown to the public so there could be some gamesmanship involved with that information getting out. If the source is in the Rockies camp, they might believe that Story would sign a less lucrative deal, giving the Rockies a “hometown discount”, now that the impression is that they’re strapped for cash. On the other hand, the source could be from a rival team who is hoping to get the conversations going about a possible trade.

Regardless of where this news is coming from, it’s once again, not good for the Rockies. The fanbase is still reeling from the Arenado trade and Story following suit or walking next winter could be the last straw for some members of the Rockies faithful.

The Rockies weren’t expected to make any decisions on Story until they saw how the first half of the season played out anyhow but this news is certainly not an encouraging development. Ownership hasn’t made their intentions clear (when do they ever?) but it might be wise for Rockies fans to begin prepping for the departure of their most beloved player...again.

At least the Rockies came back from 7-0 down to beat the Athletics 10-7 so they have that going for them.

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Narrowing the zone: Tapia shifts approach |

“I’m going after it”

That was Tapia’s response when the MLB batting title came up in conversation when the Rockies outfielder spoke to Thomas Harding at spring training. After finishing ninth in the majors last year with a .321 average, making an eight spot jump in the rankings doesn’t seem that far fetched. Tapia has turned his focus towards improving his pitch selection and shrinking the strike zone. With his speed and the expansive outfield at Coors Field, counting out Tapia as a potential batting title winner would be unwise.

Rockies’ Antonio Senzatela to miss time with slight hamstring strain | The Denver Post ($)

Antonio Senzatela, arguably the best pitcher on the Rockies last season is going to miss some time in spring training after straining his right hamstring doing condition with the pitchers on Monday. “He probably won’t make (his first) start and is. probably doubtful for the next one.” according to manager Bud Black. While getting injured at the beginning of spring training is better than at the end, only time will tell if Senzatela can get up to speed in time for the start of the regular season which is now less than a month away.

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