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So, jam juice? And other Rockies 40-man roster anagrams

Colorado Rockies news and analysis for Sunday, March 7, 2021

We are a week into Spring Training which means we are also rapidly approaching the point where the novelty has run out and we just want the real games, conflabbit (pardon my language). The new rules tweaks have made the process a little more bearable (at least we’re not supersaturated with long games featuring minor league guy) but has done little to mitigate our desire for real Rockies games.

So, taking a leaf out of the books of our esteemed SBNation MLB colleagues, we present to you a fantastic and entertaining way to pass the time. Heck, we can even make a game out of it! Below I have split the spring training roster into two categories: pitchers on the 40-man roster and hitterson the 40-man. I’ve used the Internet Anagram Server to generate anagrams and taken some creative liberty to make them more interesting and/or funny and arranged them alphabetically.

See if you can solve them but make sure you hide your answers behind the spoiler-text in the comments. I’ll post the answers (also behind spoiler text) later today.

40-man Pitchers

  1. Any Boar, Ya?
  2. Brained Lab
  3. Bro, get cots
  4. Cat Enemy Only!
  5. Charitable Slug
  6. Gunboat Miser
  7. Have my clings
  8. Hi! I’d help. Pill?
  9. Into no sonatas
  10. Just win, Lancer
  11. Ken fled early
  12. Leaden fish fjord
  13. Likely entry
  14. Mr. Aqua Germ Zen
  15. My model toy
  16. Nasal, certainly
  17. New Bob End
  18. No pestos, brethren
  19. Oversize car hill
  20. So, jam juice?
  21. Ten azalea notions
  22. Tree belt ramp
  23. Yarn jog
  24. Zero vest laces
  25. Zijai Road

40-man hitters

  1. A Martial Pie
  2. Amish A Drill
  3. Beckon rich llama
  4. Blob wrestle
  5. Data? Ah, zany. No.
  6. Dial a size
  7. Fun jet hoses
  8. Grad drones, nerd
  9. Hmm, no canary
  10. See our north mile
  11. Torments a graph
  12. Towel on, clerk!
  13. Um, Zen nod?
  14. Vestry or rot?

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Feel free to create your own anagrams in the comments! What's the best anagram you could come up with for the non-roster invitees?

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