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The Rox are alive with the sound of music

The Rockies have released this season’s walk-up songs. Let’s listen to them!

Recently, the Rockies announced the full list of walk-up songs for each player in this 2021 season. Obviously, as the resident marching musical maestro of the Purple Row staff, I felt it my professional duty to listen to each and discuss each song’s effectiveness in getting the home crowd excited or hyped for the coming at-bat. After much research, it’s time to publish my findings!

I’ll give a quick blurb about each song, offered in alphabetical order by player last name. The full list is below. I also put together the full playlist on Spotify, available here. Remember that some songs may not be suitable for all audiences.

Yency Almonte - “Why Would I Stop?” by Big Sean

Great bop, excellent cruising music. Definitely a hype-up vibe. Fun fact: did you know that Big Sean currently resides in Slash’s old mansion?

Daniel Bard - “Nothin’ Holds Me Down” by Ryan Bingham

Perfect song for a Houstonian like Bard. Includes the line “don’t ask me where I’m goin, all I know is where I’ve gone,” which is great for a veteran pitcher.

Charlie Blackmon - “Your Love” by The Outfield

I mean... do I even have to say anything?

Ben Bowden - “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys

Maybe the sickest opening riff of all time. How can you not get amped hearing this? It’s SO good. Fans of Best Picture Award-winning film “The Departed” will immediately recognize this one.

Yonathan Daza - “Micaela” by Sonora Carruseles, Luis Florez

How can you not want to dance to this? It’s got that classic salsa flavor. ¡La reina del bugalú!

C.J. Cron - “Runnin Outta Moonlight” by Randy Houser

One of the most recognizable country songs of the last few years. That chorus is iconic!

C.J. Cron - “Chillin’ It” by Cole Swindell

This song heavily evokes images of sunsets, and is there a more beautiful sunset in baseball than that of Coors Field? The answer is no.

Elías Díaz - “Alzo Mi Voz” by Tito “El Bambino” feat. Tercer Cielo

This is... a slow love song? It’s not exactly pre-fight music, but it’s genuinely really nice and evocative, and wouldn’t be out of place in a sweeping, dramatic musical. “Alzo Mi Voz” means “I Raise My Voice.”

Elías Díaz - “Las Avispas” by Juan Luis Guerra 4.0

As a trombone player myself, I always geek out over great brass lines. The horn section in this tune goes hard, with some really intricate backing lines. The vibe and tempo are super fun as well. “Las Avispas” means “the wasps,” which explains the frenetic energy.

Carlos Estévez - “Calma (Mambo Remix)” by Farruko, Omega “el Fuerte”

Listen to this and try not to clap along. No, seriously. Do it and tell me how long before you joined in. I got three seconds in. The saxophone licks are crazy intricate, and I’ll never say no to a trombone solo.

Josh Fuentes - “Woodlawn” by Aminé

This goes in. The flute backing track is both chill and grinding (Yung Lan is a very talented producer). Great “vibe” music.

Josh Fuentes - “25/8” by Bad Bunny

The WWE 24/7 Champion and Wrestlemania combatant (no, seriously) makes his first appearance on our list. He’s fantastic at combining trap beats with upbeat lyricism, and that shows here.

Mychal Givens - “Ready Or Not” by the Fugees

This is a legendary track. Nothing I say will do it justice. Go listen to it. Right now.

Chi Chi González - “Back in Black” by AC/DC

Another absolute classic. Who doesn’t know that opening lick? Bonus points if the Rockies are wearing their black vests while this plays (for more on great jerseys, check out Renee Dechert’s great write-up on Rockies gear).

Jon Gray - “Addict” by Destiny Potato

Destiny Potato!!! Wow, I’m shocked anyone else listens to them. This song is perfect for the laser-focused Gray Wolf. It sounds like final boss music! Fun fact, this band is actually known as Sordid Pink these days.

Garrett Hampson - “Desperado” by Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most influential musicians in modern history, so it makes sense she’d appear in a list of hype-up music. This is a good example of a song not being overbearing or powerful, but still carrying weight and expressing a “get ready” mentality.

Sam Hilliard - “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf

Another hugely popular song. The line “everything I do is electric” is so perfect for an impact player like Hilliard. Turn this one up!

Tyler Kinley - “Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix

The greatest guitar player ever plays the walk-up music of the greatest moustache ever. It only makes sense.

Germán Marquez - “Pensando en Ti” by Dimension Latina

Trombones! 10/10. “Pensando en Ti” means “Thinking of You” in English, which makes sense - Germán is probably thinking of his next strikeout while this plays.

Ryan McMahon - “Welcome Back” by Ma$e

This is a cool double meaning. The song was made as a literal “welcome back” to Ma$e after taking a five-year break from the music industry, and can also be a welcome back to Rockies fans at Coors Field! Any fans of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” should search out the music video for this one.

Dom Núñez - “Friday” by Ice Cube

This song was conceived as the accompanying track to the 1995 film of the same name. Ice Cube is a legend, and that is another great tune in his catalogue. I won’t get into it here, but the history of this song and its implications of rap beef are fascinating.

Chris Owings - “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd

The biggest song of 2020 is back! Sorry for those sick of it, but this one’s here to stay. “And I said ooooooo...”

Antonio Senzatela - “Esta Vida” by Jorge Celedón, Jimmy Zambrano

This song is so fun and upbeat. “Esta Vida” means “This Life” in English, and it makes one sit back and appreciate our good fortune. We’re at a Rockies game! Let’s have fun! Enjoy ourselves!

Robert Stephenson - “The Devil Is a Lie” by Rick Ross, JAY-Z

This makes you feel like running through a wall. Ross is known for intense raps and backing tracks, and JAY-Z is one of the greatest producers to ever live. LET’S GOOOO!!!!

Trevor Story - “I’m Gonna Be” by Post Malone

This is another one of those chiller songs. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon spent with buddies watching the game. The lyrics “I’m gonna be what I want, what I want, what I want” are impossible not to sing along to.

Trevor Story - “Rise and Shine” by J-Cole

J-Cole is such an amazing lyricist. Everything he says holds real weight and is so powerful. Eminem considers Cole one of the greatest in the game, and clearly the Rockies’ shortstop holds Cole in similarly high regard.

Raimel Tapia - “Tú No ‘Tá” by Lapiz Conciente

This may win hardest beat of all the songs. A thumping, stomping banger that oozes swagger (much like Tapia himself). This is a great song from “the pop of Dominican rap.”

Raimel Tapia - “Puesto Pa’ Guerrial” by Bad Bunny, Myke Towers

Tapia picks bangers, exclusively. This is another driving club song that makes one want to get up and groove. Not only is Bad Bunny a great musician, but he hits a heck of a Canadian Destroyer as well!

Raimel Tapia - “El Envidioso” by Los Dos Carnales

A fun, dancy song ends our list. This one is bouncy and light, in stark contrast to the last two. Its title means “the greedy person.”

★ ★ ★

And that’s all of them! Which songs do you like the most? Are there any songs that you think Rockies players should adopt? What would your walk-up song be? Let us know in the comments!