Top 30PuRPs value up/down

1. Ryan Rolison up, Rolison had a decent Spring Training started in AA for his first 3 games and had a 3.09 ERA 0,90 WHIP and a .204 Average Against. He received a promotion and had a difficult first game but settled down for his next two and then he had an appendectomy.

2. Zac Veen slightly down. People were projecting Veen to hit well in Fresno and now he has 282/387/352 I think its his 109 ISO that is dropping him a bit, But Veen's 287 OBP keeps him up near the top and swiping 20 bases in 26 tries shows that he is not a bat only guy.

3. Ryan Vilade, slighlty down. Vilade has an 86 wRC+ which is not ideal for a corner OF yet he is only 22 in AAA and will get better.

4. Michael Toglia, down. His 10 HR are impressive but a 197 AVG is not good. His triple slash for the last 15 days is 239/317/587 If he can continue to hit like that for the rest of the year then I think he can maintain his status.

5. Colton Welker, even. His Spring Training showed that he was a better hitter than his 2019 results but his 80 suspension ends in early August.

6. Aaron Schunk, down. He struggled early. He is hitting 245/302/377 for the year but the last 30 days he is hitting 273/347/455 so we will have to see if he can maintain that type of hitting. he is 7/10 in SB so not really a threat to run but don't go to sleep on him.

7. Chris McMahon, up. The aggressive placement to High A is what gets him here. He is throwing more innings than but a few minor leaguers. He has had 3 QS but has struggles in a few others. He has a 5.18 ERA that I suspect will come down over time.

8. Drew Romo, up. Romo is 19 and is catching in Fresno that in of itself is good. The question was could Romo hit in full season. The answer is yes. Romo is hitting 307/339/495 all the while handling his responsibilities behind the dish admirably.

9. Grant Lavigne, even. Playing 1B and repeating the low A level. His bat would be his calling card. So far 264/383/392 but 286/394/440 in the last 30 days.

10. Helcris Olivarez, down. Olivarez has the aggressive placement of Spokane but he is struggling with a 7.53 ERA although he is 3.3 years younger than the competition.

11. Karl Kauffman, up, the agressive placement into High A and then an early promotion is what good pitchers do. He does have a 6.04 ERA in Hartford but is 1.9 years younger than the competition.

12. Brenton Doyle, even, He got off to a hot start but cooled lately. If he can tap back into that early success then he will be a big riser.

13. Ben Bowden graduated.

14. Eddie Diaz, down, He was given an aggressive assignment to Spokane but had to be demoted back down to Fresno because of a lack of hitting. He had an 11 game hitting streak in Fresno but most of those were one hit games and that hit was a single.

15. Adael Amador. even, He looks to start his career in the AZL next week.

16. Julio Carreras, down. He was injured to start the year. He is hitting 202/269/309.

17. Sam Weatherly. even. He started in Fresno and has an awesome 15.8 K/9 but he struggles at time as his 5.79 ERA indicates.

18. Yanathon Daza graduated.

19. Jameson Hannah, up, Hannah had an excellent ST and has been injured often so far.

20. Tommy Doyle, down, Was placed as the closer in Hartford. He has not been real good and was injured much of the year.

21. Antonio Santos, down. He is now a full time reliever and that pushes him down.

22. Dom Nunez, graduated.

23. Will Etheridge, up. dominated low A and was promoted to high A.

24. Bret Boswell, down, was DFA'd and resigned on a minor league contract, Out for the year.

25. Ryan Feltner, up. he is looking like a starter now and has dominated high A maybe a promotion to AA soon.

26. Bladimir Rustituyo, down, He is only 19 and one of the fastest players in the organization but is hitting just 236/279/301.

27. Mitchell Kilkenny, up, He dominated Low A and was pretty dominant in his first game at High A

28. Ezequiel Tovar, way up. He is one of the strongest hitters in Fresno and he is the best defensive short stop in the system. He is a full 2 years younger than the competition and is hitting 307/350/520

29. Jose Mujica, even, After a slow start in Albuquerque he has a 3.78 ERA in his last 3 games. He might get the call up yet.

30. riley Pint retired.

HM Breiling Eusebio, up. He has been the most dominant of the Fresno starters and should take his turn being promoted soon.

Jordan Sheffield graduated

Niko Decolati, even. 208/328/376 nice OBP

Willie MacIver, way up. He is one of the better hitters in High A West. 256/373/473

Daniel Montano, up. He is hitting 276/363/422 17 BB 35 K in 135 PA

others on the upside


a bunch of relievers, Jake Bird, Justin Lawrence, Lucas Gilbreath


Coco Montes IF I don't think 25 yr. old or higher in AA are good prospects. Reliever Aybar


Collins definitely, Blomgren if he starts to hit. SP Bush reliever PJ Poulin if he is promoted to AA.


None. Relievers are too far away. Starters are already considered or too old.

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