Would you trade German Marquez for NYY's Judge ?

A number of Yankee fans think the only way to salvage their season is to trade Judge for multiple MLB ready pieces . With holes at SP , SS , CF , 1b and C the Yankees " NEED TO DO SOMETHING ! " and see Judge as their most trade-able piece . There are also among their fans those who covet German Marquez to stop their bleeding at SP with a younger pitcher who is proven at an affordable salary and multiple years of control . Pitching always being the premium in trades .

Value being value ; I do not see this as an equal trade for the Rockies . German has 3.5 years of control left . He's at least a top 15 pitcher in baseball even for those who do not fully understand what it takes to succeed at LOL Coorz field and on the road . Actually he's closer to top 10 than top 15 by any metric you choose to use . He's been durable so far and has a true arsenal of pitches . He can four seam you , two seam you , slide piece you , uncle charlie you all at a high quality , and even has a serviceable change up to confound you more . He's 26 and still improving . While the Rockies might trade him ; it would be for multiple high level prospects . Not an often injured corner OF who might hit 500 foot homers at altitude when he's healthy .

Now if Yankee fans want to bring multiple MLB ready pieces from the Rockies to fill their holes or complete their bench we can accommodate you . We can give you the corpse of Matt Adams for a bag of navel lint on the side . All kidding aside ; for Judge you can have Jon Gray , C.J. Cron , Jonathan Daza and Chris Owings all at prices you can afford . Sorry we do not have a catcher for you as we don't have one ourselves . Happy ?

Since they have removed the add a poll feature from the fan post format please tell me if you would make either trade and who you would add to either package Yankee fans . And for those who want to cashier Cashman ; Jeff Bridich is tanned rested and ready .

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