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MLB Draft 2021, Round 1: Rockies preview and open thread

The Rockies have only one pick tonight

The Rockies will add just one prospect during the first round tonight, assuming whomever they select ends up signing. The upside to the COVID-shortened 2020 season and 26-34 record (.433) is that they will once again have a higher draft pick. They will be selecting in the top ten again — eighth this year, instead of ninth in 2020.

As always, there’s a lot of speculation. For Purple Row’s analysis, see these two articles by Renee Dechert.

The Rockies will be represented by interim general manager Bill Schmidt. Day 1 will include the first round (36 picks), Day 2 will include rounds 2-10 and begins at 11am MDT, and Day 3 will be rounds 11-20 and begin at 10am MDT.

We’ll keep you up to date on the Rockies’ picks and tell you a bit about them.

Here’s a look at tonight’s schedule and where to watch:

Start time: 5:00 MT

Television: ESPN and the MLB Network


Social: @MLBDraft and @MLBDraftTracker on Twitter

The Rockies are scheduled to have the following picks through the first five rounds:

  • Round 1: 8th
  • Round 2: 44th
  • Competitive Balance B: 68th
  • Round 3: 79th
  • Round 4: 109th
  • Round 5: 140th

You can see the complete 2020 draft order and bonus slot values here.