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Welcome to the Rockies Baseball Classic Sim Game One

The best of five matchup kicks off as Aaron Cook and Ubaldo Jiménez face off at Coors Field

For nearly 30 years, players from across the United States and around the world have suited up for the Colorado Rockies. We’ve seen star players from countries like Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic make their mark in Colorado. We’ve also seen players from California, Florida, Texas and various states on the plains become the heart and soul of the Rockies organization.

With such a wide variety of players in team history, we at Purple Row wondered what would happen if we created two teams to face off in a World Baseball Classic-style matchup.

Utilizing the wonders of technology, we can once again simulate a Team USA versus Team World best-of-five series with the rosters filled with the Rockies. Using MLB: The Show 21, I will once again lend my voice to the action, as I did with our 2007 World Series sim, and provide play-by-play for the game while the AI-controlled teams duke it out.

For the purposes of this series, Team World will be suited up as the Seattle Mariners and will act as the home team for all five games at Coors Field for the sake of being able to use a designated hitter and Team USA will suit up as the Rockies.

For a full list of players participating, check out the tweet below.

On paper, these teams should be evenly matched, but the action on the field may say otherwise. It’s sure to be an exciting series as Game One gets underway with Aaron Cook facing off against Ubaldo Jiménez. Can Cook conquer a lineup featuring three members of the Blake Street Bombers? Will Ubaldo Jiménez fall victim to Todd Helton and his fellow faces of the franchise? Tune in to the video below to find out as the Rockies Baseball Classic kicks off!