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Affected by Altitude: Women belong in places where baseball decisions are being made

An increase in women on and off the diamond and in media is a welcome change

This is a special episode of the Purple Row podcast Affected by Altitude, hosted by managing editor Sam Bradfield and staff writer Joelle Milholm.

The last few years in the baseball world has seen more women hired in various positions from coaches to R&D departments to general manager and more. On the heels of the Colorado Rockies hiring their first female scout in Emily Glass, as well as bringing in Brittany Haby in advance research and Julianna Rubin to work on roster, contract and salary arbitration issues, two of Purple Row’s women team up to discuss how exciting this is for the Rockies and MLB in general. Joelle and Sam highlight some of the notable hirings around the league, in addition to the press room and broadcasting booths. The hosts also try to dive into why these moves matter and what they could mean for the future of the game.

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Affected by Altitude runs monthly during the offseason and features roundtable discussion, game segments, interviews, and the occasional hot take from a group of Purple Row contributors. We live in different places, have varying backgrounds, and may or may have struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1931. Regardless, we are all united in our love of the Rockies and a desire to provide Purple Row readers with a fresh new voice.

Are you a Purple Row reader and a Rockies fan? Then this show is for you. Please let us know how we’re doing, what you would like to see moving forward, or how we can do better. You can comment down below, or on Twitter at @AltitudeEffect.

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This episode was recorded on Saturday, January 29, 2022. Statistics and events may not be current at time of posting.