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The 2022 Purple Row MLB postseason bracket challenge

The fields are set. Let’s do some predicting.

The Colorado Rockies’ 2022 season may be over, but the postseason is just getting started with MLB taking its new 12-team playoff format for an October test drive. This year will see three Wild Card teams rather than two with the top two seeds in each league receiving a first-round bye.

Wild Card Series games will be played at the home stadium of the team with the higher seed. The winners will then advance.

Here’s how things look:

This image shows the bracket for the 2022 MLB Postseason.
The 2022 MLB Postseason Bracket

The party gets started on Friday, October 7, as all four Wild Card Series start:

First-round byes go to the Astros, Yankees, Dodgers, and Braves with the AL and NL Division Series set to begin on October 11.

With MLB trying to its own version of March October Madness, it seems only fitting that Purple Row have its own Postseason Pool (without actually gambling). Who do you think will be moving forward?

Leave your predictions in the comments, and let the madness begin!