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How to keep watching Rockies baseball during the offseason

If you’ve not yet tried Winter Ball, it’s pretty amazing.

With MLB in its final days, Colorado Rockies fans who’d like to keep following players in the organization have a number of venues for doing so. A number of players and prospects are participating in Winter Ball at a variety of locations, and typically do so to get more practice or rehab injuries.

Below are leagues and players to follow this winter.

Arizona Fall League

We’ve been following the Arizona Fall League fairly closely on Purple Row. (Oh, look. Zac Veen has stolen another base!) Even though Veen is getting most of the attention, the Rockies have a number of players participating in what is widely considered finishing school for baseball players.

In fact, here’s a nice Grant Lavigne bomb from a few days ago.

Dominican Winter League (LIDOM)

LIDOM is very fun, and it’s free with an MLBTV subscription. Broadcasts are in Spanish, but since baseball is a universal language, translation isn’t a big deal.

Take a moment to appreciate this very fine Elehuris Montero swing.

Mexican Winter League (LMP)

Some of the Rockies will be playing in Mexico’s LMP this offseason.

  • Mateo Gil
  • Coco Montes

In this highlight reel, enjoy watching Coco Montes get an out at second.

Venezuelan Winter League (LVBP)

There are also Rockies prospects playing Venezuela’s LVBP as well.

  • Daniel Montano (No. 30 PuRP)
  • Robinson Hernandez
  • Manuel Olivarez

Keep in mind that rosters are fluid, so it’s very possible we’ll see players not listed here. Winter Ball is a great way to keep enjoying baseball and watch some of the Rockies’ prospects during MLB’s offseason! Who will you be watching?