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This Week in Purple: Thanksgiving

Colorado Rockies discussion thread for Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27, 2022

The weekend is a great time to kick back and reflect. This Week in Purple is the place to catch up on the news from our team at Purple Row. You’ll find links to Rockpiles and other content below as well as a platform for community discussion in the comments.

★ ★ ★

Decided on a deep-cut holiday classic this week. Adam Sandler, take it away.

The Rockies may have taken a week off for the holiday. (Please let their Black Friday shopping include some pitching!) But the writers and fans at Purple Row did not.

  • Is it possible to have too many corner outfielders? Kenneth Weber tries to navigate a Rockies traffic jam.
  • The Rockies have been making some offseason changes. Paul Elliott analyzes the progress so far.
  • Cody Bellinger: Colorado Rockie? It could happen….Skyler Timmins looks at the numbers to see if it’s a good idea.
  • Evan Lang pointed out how much we all have to be thankful for.
  • And Joelle Milholm finished up the week by examining Huston Street’s case for the Hall of Fame.

Ranking the Rockies

Meanwhile, our “Ranking the Rockies” series continues. This week we covered:

You can read the entire thread here.

Tweet of the Week

Pitching Ninja is giving some end-of-the-season awards. This one remains a classic.

Recommended Listening

Drew Goodman had a nice conversation with Zac Veen that’s worth your time.

We’ve got to get serious about finding a nickname for Veen. Maybe Zac the Fearless? (I’m still workshopping it.)

Recommended Viewing

Perhaps you haven’t seen former Milwaukee Brewer Brent Suter’s leading role in this Mean Girls parody, but it’s absolutely worth your time.

If atRockies doesn’t build on this, it will be a missed opportunity.

Weekend Discussion Topic

The Rockies need pitching. Who should they pursue in the offseason?

Have a great weekend, everyone. Keep an eye on the Hot Stove, and we’ll be back with new articles on Monday!

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