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This Week in Purple: Auld Lang Syne

Colorado Rockies recap and discussion thread for Saturday, December 31 and Sunday, January 1, 2023

The weekend is a great time to kick back and reflect. This Week in Purple is the place to catch up on the news from our team at Purple Row. You’ll find links to Rockpiles and other content below as well as a platform for community discussion in the comments.

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This week, there was only one choice.

The Colorado Rockies apparently took the week off, so there’s no real news to discuss. However, we were still busy on Purple Row.

  • You weren’t imagining it: The Rockies were really bad with runners on base in 2022. Kenneth Weber autopsied the grim details.
  • Why are the Rockies so blah? Paul Elliott explored the possibilities.
  • So, what’s going on with Randal Grichuk? Skyler Timmins laid out the possibilities.
  • Which prospects will probably be on the 2023 Opening Day roster? Evan Lang did some speculating.
  • Joelle Milholm finished up the week by asking a fascinating question: What is the Rockies’ “function?”
  • Mario DeGenz continued his “gameplan” series, this time for Kyle Freeland.

Test Your Baseball Knowledge

The New York Times has released its annual baseball trivia quiz. Good luck.

Tweet of the Week

This one, passed along by Skyler Timmins, is from Jon Heyman.

Where even to begin?

Jack Corrigan had a nice rebuttal.

Read Heyman’s entire article here.

Recommended Follow

If you’re not following Lucas Gilbreath on TikTok, then what are you waiting for?

Here’s a sample.

Recommended Viewing

Perhaps you missed the Broncos-Rams game last week, in which case, well, good for you. But in case you didn’t see it — or you watched on CBS as opposed to the superior broadcast in Nickelodeon — this is a fine bit of work.

Weekend Discussion Topic

It’s the time of year for forward-looking resolutions. Leave yours in the comments.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Keep an eye on the Hot Stove, and we’ll be back with new articles on Monday!

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