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Celebrate Kris Bryant’s arrival in Colorado with a cool shirt!

K-Boom should bring some power to the Rockies lineup

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The Rockies signed Kris Bryant to a seven-year, $182 million contract last week. The former MVP and World Series champ was a huge splash and hopefully he’ll bring some power back to the Rockies lineup. If nothing else, it’ll be a short trip for him to go back to home to Vegas. To celebrate K-BOOM, we partnered with BreakingT to create this cool shirt!

You can buy the shirt (or any of our others) by following this link. If you do follow that link and purchase, Purple Row gets a small commission from the sale. In previous years, we’ve used those funds to buy prizes and other goodies for our Opening Day Breakfast in LoDo (buy your tickets here if you haven’t already!).