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New menu items at Coors Field

Opening Day brings with it more culinary choices

It’s Opening Day, which means Coors Field has added to its menu, giving fans some new dishes to try while enjoying a Colorado sunset. Here are the new dishes you can try out at Coors Field.

The through line in all the new dishes? Bacon.

Elvis Shake

Aramark created a food program this year they’re calling Dare to Pair, which they say “will celebrate unlikely, yet delicious, food combinations” across nine Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums.”

The Rockies met the challenge by creating the Elvis Shake. First, some history is in order:

On the night of February 1, 1976, Elvis Presley took his private jet from Graceland to Denver and back in one night because he was craving an 8,000 calorie sandwich made from a hollowed out loaf filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, one jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon. Not your average snack, priced at $50, this is the story of how the Fool’s Gold Loaf became the Elvis Presley of sandwiches, King of the PB&Js…

Buck and Cindy Scott, the owners of the Colorado Mine Company, greeted Presley and his entourage when they landed in Denver. They brought with them 22 fresh Fool’s Gold Loaves, and the legend was born.

The Elvis Shake is an attempt to reinvent that moment.

This is a photo of the Elvis Shake.
The Elvis Shake
  • What’s in it? Crème de banana, soft serve ice cream, peanut butter sauce, Cracker Jack, and candied bacon. (The bacon works nicely as a spoon.)
  • How does it taste? It’s sweet — as the best things in life are — and highly recommended.
  • Where is it? The Helton Burger Shack in Section 153.

Denver Steak & Cheese Fries

It’s a twist on the typical ballpark sandwich. In developing this, the Rockies were trying to create some messy bar food.

This is a photo of the Denver Steak and some cheese fries.
The Denver Steak and Cheese Fries
  • What’s in it? Chopped sirloin, white queso sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, steak sauce, pepper and onion blend, chopped scallions, and fries.
  • How does it taste? I tend to trust fries to stand alone, so this isn’t really my kind of dish. However, the blend of sauces is very good.
  • Where is it? Stands 134, 218, 243 and 330.

Louisiana Red Hot Chicken Sandwich

It’s another (spicy) twist on the traditional ballpark sandwich.

The is a photo of the Louisiana Red Hot Chicken Sandwich
The Louisiana Red Hot Chicken Sandwich
  • What’s in it? Spicy fried chicken breast, pickles, mayonnaise, a Louisiana Hot Sauce mix, lettuce, tomato, and Louisiana bacon on a bun.
  • How does it taste? It’s good — very tangy. (Also, did I mention there is bacon?)
  • Where is it? Stands 125, 144, 226, 239, 306 and 323.

Sorry, Elvis. You may be the King, but nothing bests a Rockie Dog. Happy Opening Day, all!