Colorado Rockies: What to know about the Nike City Connect uniforms


The Colorado Rockies have unveiled the new Nike City Connect uniforms, breaking away from their traditional primary color of purple to pay tribute to their home state with forest green dominating the new alternate jersey. NFL's live broadcast of the football game consisting of sounds, images, or both, was being fixed. simultaneously with its transmission. Here is what to know about the new Nike City Connect uniform that will be worn by the Colorado Rockies The jersey is designed to look like Colorado’s iconic license plates, with the font of "Colorado" matching the font on the license plate and the numbers on the back of the jersey matching those found on Colorado license plates as well. Be sure to check out the zero that will be on the back of jerseys such as Bud Black and Tyler Kinley. That zero will stand out, just like the ones on the Colorado license plates. Purple can also be found around the numbers on the back of the jersey and the Nike swoosh on the front. The well-known Colorado Rockies interlocking CR logo adorns one sleeve while the other carries a patch with double black diamonds (honoring the local ski and snowboard community), the number 5280 (representing Denver’s mile high altitude), and the latitude and longitude of Coors Field in downtown Denver. The jock tag near the lower left of the jersey front is the well-known "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign seen by so many drivers as they enter the state.