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Rockies promote Brian Jones to Director of Analytics Department

The Rockies have once again promoted from within, this time to fill the vacant position of director for their R&D team.

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The Colorado Rockies have been without a director for their analytics team since the sudden and confusing departure of Scott Van Lenten in March of this year. Now they have finally filled the role and have done so by promoting from within.

Nick Groke of The Athletic first reported today that the Rockies had promoted Brian Jones to be the director of their analytics department. Jones, 43, is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. First joining the organization in 2002, Jones has been their video coordinator since 2006. He has been in charge of the Rockies’ video operations both in the clubhouse and instant replay room since 2014.

Rockies players have spoken glowingly of Jones and his role in providing them with video and analysis.

“He’s a wizard in there,” former Rockies shortstop Trevor Story said in 2018. “He knows everything about video analysis, and if I ask him for this or that, it’s usually popping up on my screen within about five seconds. He’s helped me at times look back, like at 2016, to study my swing from then and kind of prepare that way. He’s a critically important part of the club behind the scenes.”

It is unknown at this time who will take over Jones’ former role in the organization.

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