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This Week in Purple: New Year(s Day)

Colorado Rockies recap and discussion thread for Saturday, January 7 and Sunday, January 8, 2023

The weekend is a great time to kick back and reflect. This Week in Purple is the place to catch up on the news from our team at Purple Row. You’ll find links to Rockpiles and other content below as well as a platform for community discussion in the comments.

★ ★ ★

I should have used this one last week, but the Dropkick Murphys were just too good to pass up. And the year is still new, so I’m going to roll with it.

Classic U2 just absolutely rules. Don’t @ me.

And so, we turn to baseball.

The Colorado Rockies apparently took another week off, so there’s no real news to discuss. However, we were busy on Purple Row.

  • So those rumors about a possible Rockies-Marlins trade? Kenneth Weber looked at the specifics.
  • Do the Rockies need a “Ring of Fame?” Paul Elliott says yes.
  • Skyler Timmins hit the post-holiday free-agent clearance sales.
  • Which pitching prospects might be on the 2023 Opening Day roster? Evan Lang did some speculating.
  • Joelle Milholm finished up the week by asking a key question: Do the Rockies have a veteran leadoff hitter already?
  • It was a busy year on Purple Row. Adam Peterson reviewed everyone’s favorite articles of 2022.

It’s PuRPs Season!

Be sure to get your votes in.

Tweet of the Week

#HeltonHOF. He’s make progress this year. Now to see if it’s enough.

Recommended Follow

I’m going to spend some time promoting Rockies on TikTok since baseball players appear to be migrating there. This week, let me recommend Brent Suter — you can follow his channel here.

This is the kind of content you can expect:

It’s not Lucas Gilbreath throwing at holiday ornaments, but it’ll work.

Recommended Viewing

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about the Rockies’ exit velocity in 2022? MLB has the answers.

Weekend Discussion Topic

How do you see the NL West shaking out? Will the Padres finally pull it off? What’s up with a very quiet Dodgers organization? Are the DBacks sneaky good? Do you see the Giants making additional moves? Let us know in the comments.

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