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Projecting the 2027 Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies news and links for Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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I had really intended to write about FanGraphs’ pre-season Steamer projections, but then I discovered that Baseball American had updated their Rockies materials.

First, Baseball America has a new Top 10 Rockies prospects list, and they are clearly enthusiastic about Adael Amador.

Here’s what the rest of the Rockies Top 10 list looks like:

  1. Adael Amador (SS)
  2. Chase Dollander (RHP)
  3. Yanquiel Fernandez (OF)
  4. Jordan Beck (OF)
  5. Sterlin Thompson (2B)
  6. Zac Veen (OF)
  7. Dylan Jorge (SS)
  8. Jordy Vargas (RHP)
  9. Drew Romo (C)
  10. Robert Calaz (OF)

I’ve got a few quibbles (should Calaz be ranked this high?), but that’s a subject for the comments.

Second, in addition to updating their prospects list, the good folks at Baseball America also did some forecasting.

Remember, last week, we projected a possible Colorado Rockies 2025 lineup. Let’s again pull out the Purple Row crystal ball but this time in an attempt to see what the 2027 Colorado Rockies lineup looks like.

Here’s Baseball America’s projected 2027 lineup:

This is the Rockies’ projected 2027 lineup: Drew Romo (C), Elehuris Montero (1B), Adael Amador (2B), Ryan McMahon (3B), Ezequiel Tovar (SS), Nolan Jones (LF), Jordan Beck (CF), Kris Bryant (RF), Yanqueil Fernandez (DH), Kyle Freeland (SP1), Chase Dollander (SP2), Jordy Vargas (SP3), Carson Palmquist (SP4), Gabriel Hughes (SP5), Evan Justice (CL)
Baseball America’s Projected 2027 Colorado Rockies Lineup
Baseball America

(Apparently, Charlie Blackmon actually did retire?)

Okay, let’s explore the possibilities.

Position players

First, I’m relieved that Elehuris Montero remains with the team and (presumably) sees regular playing time.

More please.

I’m also fine with the rest of the infield though it seems a stretch to see Ryan McMahon as the Rockies’ starting third baseman in 2027. (Then again, Spotrac shows he’ll be making $16 million that season, so perhaps he’ll still be at the hot corner.)

The outfield, however, has me scratching my head. Switch Kris Bryant with Yanquiel Fernandez, and this makes more sense. (That Bryant contract is going to haunt the Rockies for a long time. He’ll be making $26 million in 2027, in case you’re interested.)

Check out the power that Fernandez brings. Yeah, that’ll play big time at Coors Field.

However, according to Baseball America, gone is Brenton Doyle with Jordan Beck playing center. Maybe, but I’ve tended to see Beck more as a corner guy.

Still, some power, some speed — clearly, there’s a place for Beck in this lineup.

Also missing from Baseball America’s projections are Zac Veen and Benny Montgomery, at least one of whom (and probably both) will be in this lineup. (Note to the Rockies: Please clear up the glut of outfielders.)

Still, this looks like an outfield more reminiscent of the Blake Street Bombers, which is useful when playing baseball at elevation.


I wondered about Kyle Freeland continuing in the rotation, but given that he’ll be making $17 million in 2027, that looks to be happening.

The rest of the rotation seems about right. Here’s Carson Palmquist:

Interesting delivery and a lefty!

Now, take a look at Jordy Vargas:

I question Evan Justice as the closer, though, as I suspect that spot will belong to Justin Lawrence in 2027.

Rockies fans, there are reasons to be of good cheer going forward. It’s not perfect, but things are trending in the right direction at 20th and Blake.

What do you think of Baseball America’s projections? Let us know in the comments.


Best MLB holiday greetings

The turkey and dressing are faint memories, but holiday social media posts live forever. I thought the Philadelphia Phillies read the room pretty well — and those details on Nick Castellanos? Perfect.

In a close second, the Minnesota Twins played the game where you pick your table.

(You’ll find me at Table 1. I’m reading Evan Drellich’s book on the Houston Astros, “Winning Fixes Everything,” and I’d like to ask Carlos Correa a few questions.)

The Rockies did not post any holiday wishes, but they did send Austin Gomber a birthday note, so that’s a nice touch.


A great deal for fans

On Black Friday, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced a serious ticket package.

You can read more here, but it means fans can attend every D-backs home game for less than $4, which is pretty amazing.

I suspect the D-backs have a number of goals in doing this. First, they want to sell more seats at Chase Field, and a cheap seat earns more revenue than an empty one. Second, they’re probably trying to grow their fan base. The D-backs have much the same problems as the Rockies in that they have many transplants in Phoenix who’ve stayed loyal to their home teams. (D-backs players have said at times, playing at Chase Field can feel like a road game.) I suspect it’s a situation the D-backs are trying to address as they grow their fan base.

It’s certainly a better deal than the Rockies Passport.


A deep dive into the Double-A Eastern League and why “it’s got teeth” | Rockies Blog

Jack Etkin examines what makes playing in Hartford different. As Chris Forbes explains, “It’s got teeth.” In addition to cold, damp weather, Etkin writes, “There is a slew of big-market parent clubs in the league with financial muscle, clubs that typically contend for the postseason and have prospects on the rise. The league is larger than the other two Double-A leagues and considerably larger than the leagues where the Rockies’ Low- and High-A affiliates play. With that in mind, the Hartford players have less familiarity with their opponents than they did previously, adding to their task.”

For young players, making the jump to Double-A is always a challenge; Etkin explains how the task is even more daunting for Rockies prospects.

Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers | Futurism

Turns out, Sports Illustrated thought it would be a good idea to have AI generate some content for them. Things did not go well. This is, strictly speaking, beyond the focus of a Rockies-centric blog, but it’s a reminder to support your local sports writers.


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