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Colorado Rockies weekend discussion thread (Nov. 4-5)

The 2023 season is over. Now what?

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 season is over, the Texas Rangers won it all, the empty champagne bottles are in the recycle bin, and it’s time to move to the offseason.

On Monday, free agency will began as well as the General Managers Winter Merting. That’s when teams should start preparing for 2024.

Clearly, the Colorado Rockies have a lot to do, especially in terms of acquiring pitching — they need so much pitching.

What do you expect general manager Bill Schmidt to do in the off-season as the Rockies begin to build for their next window of contention, which will begin realistically in 2025?

And do you plan to see Green Day and friends next September?