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This Week in Purple: February Seven

Colorado Rockies recap and discussion thread for Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12, 2023

The weekend is a great time to kick back and reflect. This Week in Purple is the place to catch up on the news from our team at Purple Row. You’ll find links to Rockpiles and other content below as well as a platform for community discussion in the comments.

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I went with the Avett Brothers this week as Spring Training draws ever closer.

The trucks are loaded with baseball gear and headed south. Folks, it’s happening.

  • Kenneth Weber continued his series on the Rockies prospects to watch.
  • Here at Purple Row, we are big on article series this offseason. Paul Elliott returns to an important topic: What needs to go right for the Colorado Rockies to meet Monfort’s .500 projection.
  • Skyler Timmins considers the career the Rockies’ first manager, Don Baylor.
  • Evan Lang wrote about Rockies fans and growing apathy.
  • Joelle Milholm finished up the week with a look at Rockies who will be playing in the World Baseball Classic.

Spring PuRPs Results

The results are in, and Jeff Aberle is working through the data — we’re now at #13. Keep up with the results of PuRPs voting here.

Recommended Viewing

I’ve linked to Lucas Gilbreath’s TicTok before, but this vid is, well, it’s worth posting.

And Mac Wilcox has revived the Purple Row YouTube channel!

About the Mets . . . .

Steve Cohen and the Mets have bought time for a Super Bowl ad, and it’s pretty good. See for yourself.

Weekend Discussion Topic: World Baseball Classic

We’ve seen the official rosters now. Which team do you think will win it all?

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