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Affected by Altitude: Spring is About to Sprung

This week, Skyler and Evan discuss Bud Black’s extension, Kyle Freeland in the WBC, and pitchers and catchers reporting for duty.

The Purple Row podcast Affected by Altitude is hosted by staff writers Evan Lang and Skyler Timmins,who are incredibly proud and excited to be lending their voices to more great Purple Row content for you to enjoy. Joining Evan and Skyler is a rotating cast of guests hosts to talk shop about everyone’s favorite purple baseball team.

This week Skyler and Evan provide more details about the future of the podcast before diving into some news. Colorado Rockies skipper Bud Black has been extended through the 2024 season and Kyle Freeland is playing for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic (while Germán Márquez has left Team Venezuela due to injury). Meanwhile, the Rockies have done shockingly little to hype up the 30th Anniversary of the team. In the second half, pitchers and catchers have reported for duty in Arizona. Which pitchers should we keep an eye on, what will the Rockies do about their rotational depth, and what is there to say of the many catchers in camp this year?

Our podcast is now available in both audio and video format!

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Affected by Altitude is a weekly or bimonthly podcast featuring roundtable discussion, game segments, interviews, and the occasional hot take from a group of Purple Row contributors. We live in different places, have varying backgrounds, and may or may not be trying to sneak into Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Regardless, we are all united in our love of the Rockies and a desire to provide Purple Row readers with a fresh new voice.

Are you a Purple Row reader and a Rockies fan? Then this show is for you. Please let us know how we’re doing, what you would like to see moving forward, or how we can do better. You can comment down below, or on Twitter at @AltitudeEffect.

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Purple Row and SBN’s parent company Vox Media has informed us that they will no longer be supporting podcasts at the end of February, 2023. This means we will be losing access to our current publishing platform and any licensed media (such as the song we use for our intro and outro). However, this does not mean the end of the show. We remain dedicated to providing our listeners an excellent podcast on a regular basis and will be looking into alternative hosting and new options for the show. For example, starting with this episode we will be uploading video from our recording session on our YouTube page.

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This episode was recorded on Sunday, February 19th, 2023. Statistics and events may not be current at time of posting.