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The future of podcasts on Purple Row

Affected by Altitude and other podcasts have a new home in order to keep providing you with content.

As you might be aware, earlier this year SB Nation’s parent company Vox Media made the decision that they would no longer support podcasts for a large portion of their websites at the end of March, 2023. With this move our podcasting contracts are terminated and we would lose access to our publishing platform and any licenses in use (such as our intro and outro music).

Thankfully, this does not spell the end of Affected by Altitude or other Colorado Rockies podcasts produced by our wonderful team of content creators. We remain dedicated to providing our listeners with excellent podcasts on a regular basis. To this end we have joined a cavalcade of other orphaned sports podcasts in the creation of a new content network.

Under the umbrella of the Fans First Sports Network the podcasting branch of Purple Row will now be operating as Rocky Mountain Rooftop. Thankfully, our RSS feeds have been carried over so our existing library of content remains up and those of you who are already subscribed on your favorite listening platform won’t have to re-subscribe or find us again.

As Rocky Mountain Rooftop, “Affected by Altitude” will continue to be our flagship show and will be released every week or every two weeks during the regular season. Evan Lang and Skyler Timmins will be the regular hosts. They will sometimes be joined by Kenneth Weber and Mario Delgado. The Pebble Report Podcast will return at some point down the line, and we are exploring ideas for new shows and content to bring to you.

Every new episode of a show by Rocky Mountain Rooftop will be made available to stream or download on your favorite listening platform, for which you will find links further down. Video versions of our shows will be posted on our new YouTube channel, and while we would be grateful if you subscribed we will also be posting them on Purple Row’s YouTube channel for the foreseeable future. All episodes will also be posted here on Purple Row for now so that they will be easy to find for our wonderful readers

Please follow our new Twitter page, @RockyMtnRooftop, to be kept up to date with all new posts, episodes, and updates.

Thank you so much for your support. We wouldn’t be pushing to continue our podcasting endeavors without our audience to hold us up.

★ ★ ★

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