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Rocky Mountain Rooftop Presents: Every Rockie Ever

The first new show under our new podcast network will center of highlighting players in Rockies history

After 30 years of existence, the Colorado Rockies have had nearly 700 players suit up for the team.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to start a Twitter account under the name of Every Rockie Ever with the purpose of posting and chronicling each player in team history that appeared in at least one game. The result was a fun trip down memory lane as fans were able to share memories about old players while the former Rockies had the chance to interact and celebrate their own teammates. It’s a vast tapestry of talent and players that have been responsible for laying the foundation and history of the Colorado Rockies.

Under our new Rocky Mountain Rooftop network, in partnership with the Fans First Sports Network, we are excited to introduce a new show captained by me along with my own brother Dustin whom I enlisted to join me on the journey. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate a community and place for these players to be celebrated and give the fan perspective on what it was like to watch certain players and just learn about the careers and lives of other players that might not have ever had the spotlight on them. We also hope fans can share their own memories and moments of these players where they can.

Get to know us and our history with the Rockies in our introductory episode and be sure to follow us on Twitter @EveryRockieEver.