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Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Jason Giambi

In this new episode, Skyler and Dustin look back on memorable moments of the Great Giambino

Every Rockie Ever is a brand new show under the Rocky Mountain Rooftop banner where brothers Skyler and Dustin Timmins sit down and talk about every player to suit up for the Colorado Rockies to share memories and the legacy of their careers.

In this week’s episode, Dustin and Skyler Timmins are back from a brief hiatus to talk about one of their favorite veteran bench players, the Great Giambino, Jason Giambi. For parts of four seasons, Giambi played an important role in the Rockies clubhouse as a mentor and positive influence while also providing one of the most fearsome bench bats in team history. They also talk about two of his most notable games in which he punished some baseballs.

In 30 years of existence, the Colorado Rockies have seen nearly 700+ players and coaches suit up in purple. From the greats of Todd Helton and Larry Walker to obscure ones like Kent Bottenfield and Tim Christman. Join brothers Skyler and Dustin Timmins as they endeavor to shine a light on Every Rockie Ever.

Every Rockie Ever is part of the Rocky Mountain Rooftop network, a Rockies affiliate of the Fans First Podcast Network.

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