The last days of AT&T SportsNet

As a Denver sports fan since the 1960s, I've come to enjoy being able to watch my favorite local teams on cable TV at no extra charge via regional sports networks (RSNs). Unfortunately, this era may be coming to an end.

It's been well publicized that RSNs are a dying model in the ever growing digital world of streaming sports media. Earlier this year, it was announced that Warner Bros. Discovery would be dropping all of its RSNs, including the Rockies current broadcast partner AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain at the end of the baseball season.

At this time, it is unclear what route the Rockies will take for their TV broadcasts in the 2024 season., a streaming service, has taken over some teams' broadcasts that lost their RSNs earlier this year. The NBA's Utah Jazz have been on AT&T SportsNet RM along with the Rockies in recent years, and this summer the Jazz announced they're switching to a team-owned broadcast production company, SEG Media.

Of course, Denver fans are familiar with Stan Kroenke's creation of Altitude Sports for broadcasts of the Nuggets, Avs, Mammoth and Rapids. But this too has been no panacea for TV viewers due to the 4-year stalemate between Kroenke and Comcast Corp. (Xfinity).

It's been a crying shame that Denver has had two world championship teams in the Avs and Nuggets the past two years and the vast majority of local fans have not been able to watch their games on Altitude TV.

Getting back to the current broadcasting of Rockies games, I give kudos to the production quality of the AT&T SportsNet crew. Let's face it, they haven't had the most exciting team to work with considering the losing Rockies of recent times. I presume the current crew will all become free agents at the end of the season and some will wish to hire with the new broadcast provider and some will move on to other opportunities.

It seems to me that since the Rockies are going with a youth movement in the '24 season, they might as well refresh the TV broadcast crew. Drew Goodman takes a lot of heat from some fans, but I think he is a solid play-by-play man with loads of baseball knowledge. On the other hand, after 20+ years of doing Rockies broadcasts with all the travel, Drew might want to hang it up and enjoy life in Colorado.

A sharp, enthusiastic play-by-play guy that I've had my eye on for some years with the Rockies AAA teams is Josh Suchon (sue-shawn), currently doing the Albuquerque 'Topes broadcasts. How about a Josh Suchon/Ryan Spilborghs lead Rockies TV team for 2024? I would also keep Cory Sullivan around as an analyst.

As for the ladies on the current crew, Kelsey Wingert has done a good job as field reporter since coming over from Atlanta and Jenny Cavnar has been an excellent fixture as studio and features host. But for heaven's sake Jenny, give up your 5-year experiment of attempting to do TV play-by-play. You're just not good at it when the ball is in play.

That's my thoughts as a sports media junkie and Rockies fan since Day 1. Since I know all fans naturally have their opinions on their team's broadcasters, I'd be interested to hear yours.

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