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The case for Nolan Jones and Ezequiel Tovar as NL ROY finalists

Colorado Rockies news and links for Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Let’s start with the obvious: In 2023, the NL Rookie of the Year is Corbin Carroll’s to lose.

For the first half of the season, he was a legitimate contender for NL Most Valuable Player, but after struggling a bit in July and August (“struggle” here is a relative term given that he was still very good, just not off-the-charts good), he’s settled in as the NL ROY front runner.

But who are the other National League rookies who deserve our attention?

Last week, Jon Morosi posited that Nolan Jones is one of them:

Morosi makes an interesting point, but let’s not leave rookie Ezequiel Tovar out of the conversation. After a grim April in terms of offense, Tovar has become a solid part of the Rockies’ roster.

Consider, then, the possibilities: How do Nolan Jones and Ezequiel Tovar compare with other top NL rookies?

Who are the NL ROY contenders?

These are the clearest candidates as ranked by fWAR with a focus on the top 15. (All numbers are as of Monday morning, September 11.)

This table shows the stats for the top 15 NL rookies as ranked by fWAR. Corbin Carroll has much better numbers than other players.
Top NL rookie position players as ranked by fWAR

Consider, too, rookie pitchers, again as ranked by FanGraphs.

This table shows the best NL rookie pitchers. Kodai Senga leads all others with a 3.1 fWAR. Jake Bird is listed fifth with a 1.4 fWAR, but he is not longer a rookie.
Top NL rookie pitchers as ranked by fWAR

Since Carroll is having a rookie season to rival that of Mike Trout in some categories, he is the clear leader. It’s also not difficult to make a case for Kodai Senga though, again, Carroll is having the better overall season.

But notice how two Rockies rookies stack up, sixth and ninth respectively.

(Also, Baseball Reference points out that Bird exceeded his rookie status in 2022, so it is unclear as to why he is listed in this search.)

What’s the case for Nolan Jones?

Fans are well aware of what Jones has brought to the Rockies. Currently, he has the highest fWAR on the team (2.0) followed by Tovar (1.5) and Ryan McMahon (1.3). He has distinguished himself at the plate with 15 home runs and 13 stolen bases. Consider, too, his 120 wRC+, .517 SLG, and .361 OBP.

Case in point — in San Francisco at night, no less:

As a reminder, Jones has accumulated these numbers in just 86 games/335 plate appearances.

The defense remains a work in progress as he learns the outfield. That said, he’s studying the position under the watch of a master in Brenton Doyle (who should win the NL Gold Glove in center field). Jones’ arm, however, is not in doubt.

Sarah Langs quantifies just how good the Rockies outfielders are

After having a miserable Spring Training, Nolan Jones has found a place for himself in Colorado, and he continues to improve.

What’s the case for Ezequiel Tovar?

Tovar’s excellent 2023 comes as no surprise to Rockies fans, and if he hadn’t had such a miserable April, we might be having a very different conversation. But the bat has come around since then. He currently leads the Rockies in doubles with 31.

Tovar and Jones are tied in terms of home runs though Jones has stolen more bases than Tovar has.

It is the defense, though, when Tovar sparkles. His highlight reel is extensive, but here’s one that stands out:

Tovar has 10 DRS. He is tied for third in terms of Fielding Run Value with a score of 12. His 15 Outs Above Average tie him with Dansby Swanson and Nico Hoerner. The Rockies expected elite defense from Tovar, and they have not been disappointed.

But Corbin Carroll still wins NL Rookie of the Year, right?


Whether Nolan Jones and Ezequiel Tovar will receive any votes remains to be seen, and it’s probably easier to make a case for Jones than it is for Tovar given that offense is more heavily weighted than defense. That said, we should be making the argument for Tovar as a Gold Glove finalist because he’s been that good.

In what been another grim year for Colorado Rockies fans, players like Jones and Tovar give hope that better days are not just coming but already on the horizon.


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