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The 10 most-read Purple Row articles of 2023

Here’s what was most popular on the site in 2023

Happy new year! I hope your 2023 was better than the Rockies’ season...

Entering 2024, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at our 10 most-read articles from 2023. Tomorrow, we’ll post our staff favorites!

The articles below are posted counting down from No. 10 (fewest page views) to No. 1 (most page views). Page views are as of 12pm MT today, January 1.

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10) August 7: So…when will Kris Bryant become a factor? (plus Pebble Report); 7,788 page views

One of the themes of this Top 10 list is Kris Bryant. Bryant has been an enigma since he signed with the Rockies in March 2022. Since he signed that massive contract, he has only played 122 games over two seasons. Will KB be a factor in 2024? Hopefully!

9) July 14: Can the son of a Rockies killer become a Rockies star?; 7,858 page views

As part of the 2023 MLB Draft, the Rockies drafted Kyle Karros, son of former Dodger first baseman Eric Karros, out of UCLA. The older Karros was a notorious Rockies killer... can the younger Karros flip the narrative?

8) June 27: It turns out, the Rockies’ decision to sign Mike Moustakas was a good move; 7,978 page views

On June 24, the Rockies suffered a historic 25-1 loss against the Los Angeles Angels and subsequently traded Mike Moustakas across the diamond that very same evening. Renee looked at what Moustakas brought to the team at that time, and perhaps a reunion could be in the future as this young team continues to grow.

7) March 21: What is happening with AT&T SportsNet and the future of the Rockies broadcasts; 8,209 page views

A second big theme that has emerged here is the future of Rockies broadcasts. In February, it was announced that Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. was suspending its regional sports network businesses and transferring ownership at the end of March. MLB took over the broadcasts, but ATTSN was still terminated at the end of the year and its future is still up in the air (more on that later).

6) October 9: Kris Bryant’s contract is officially an albatross; 8,609 page views

Keeping up with the Kris Bryant theme, Mac wrote about him for our annual Ranking the Rockies series. This article is the only RTR piece to make this list, and Bryant ranked in at No. 52 out of 57. Not great when he’s entering the third year of his seven-year, $182 million contract...

5) December 12: What will happen with the Colorado Rockies television broadcasts?; 8,609 page views

Paul wrote about broadcasts at the beginning of the season, and Renee wrote about them again when the season was over. Considering this article is only three weeks old, it’s impressive that it made this list! It’s a big deal to Rockies fans, since we still don’t know what the exact plan is for 2024 and the Avalanche and Nuggets have been embattled in their own broadcasting issues for the last few years.

4) August 3: The Rockies finally did what was needed at the Trade Deadline; 9,215 page views

The Trade Deadline has been a thorn in Rockies’ fans sides for the last few years, as the Rox often haven’t done much (if anything). However, this year they made five moves for seven new pitching prospects! Considering how decimated the staff was, it was good to see them make some moves rather than sit on their hands and hope 2024 is just better.

3) May 1: Rockies fans are showing they’re tired of watching bad baseball (plus Pebble Report); 9,657 page views

The Rockies had a bad year in 2023, even right out of the gate. The next two articles discuss how fans appear to feel about the product on the field, even early on, and hopefully it will lead to some soul searching in 2024.

2) April 18: An early (and flawed) attempt to measure the apathy of Colorado Rockies fans; 10,558 page views

A second article about fan apathy, written very early in the season. Considering the Avs and Nuggets have had a lot of success in the last few years, coupled with the general excitement of football with the Broncos and CU Buffs, it’s not surprising that the Rockies have been mostly ignored. But the challenge is that fans have become apathetic to what’s happening at 20th and Blake rather than actively caring about the team one way or the other...

1) May 29: Charlie Blackmon placed on bereavement list, Elehuris Montero recalled, and other roster moves; 17,914 page views

This article was a surprise No. 1, and especially by such a wide margin! But if we look into it, this is when a lot of players were shuffled. On top of the two headliners, it was also when the Rox placed Ryan Feltner on the 60-day IL after the terrifying comebacker. Ryan Rolison was also activated from the 60-day in the corresponding move.

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Thanks for reading all year! Happy New Year, and here’s to a great 2024 for the Colorado Rockies, and for Purple Row.