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Will Todd Helton be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2024? (We’ll know in a few hours.)

Colorado Rockies News and Notes for Tuesday, January 23

Today, we’ll know if Todd Helton will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He should.

His teammates are clear in making a case for the former first baseman.

As former Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki told Patrick Saunders, “He was a fierce competitor and that’s what sticks out the most for me. He came to play every single day, no matter how he felt.. . . . And for me, as a young player coming up, the thing that stood out was his approach at the plate. He was the epitome of a professional hitter and he made every pitcher work. He had those 10-pitch at-bats and then he would get a hit the other way. Even when he didn’t get on base he would make the pitcher work, and that made it better for the rest of us.”

“He is the best pure hitter the Rockies have ever had, the face of the franchise,” said former Rockies outfielder Cory Sullivan to Troy Renck. “His peak six years (2000-2005) were ridiculous. His bWar (wins against replacement) was third during that time frame to only A- Roid and Barry Bonds. His .855 road OPS is better than current Hall of Famers Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn, Eddie Murray, and Rickey Henderson.”

But none of that matters now. Helton’s fate is in the hands of the members of the Baseball Writers of America Association, and they can be a fickle lot.

Still, there are reasons for hope.

“This isn’t meant to be offensive to the writers or anyone who has been given a vote … but he didn’t have a slump this year,” Matt Holliday told Thomas Harding, raising a key question as to why some voters chose to remove Helton from their 2024 ballots.

Once again, the case for Helton’s induction is persuasive and has been made repeatedly.

For more, read these writers:

Ryan Thibodaux’s indispensable Hall of Fame tracker has kept fans up to date on the voting, and as of 7:00 last night, Helton had received 82.0% of the 200 publicly reported ballots. He will need to stay above 75%, and candidates typically expect a 6% fall-off in the private ballots.

In the meantime, we wait.

The inductees will be announced this afternoon at 4:00 pm on the MLB Network.

We’ll be following along here on Purple Row, or you may decide to hang out with the Rocky Mountain SABR chapter.

This evening, we should all be celebrating Helton’s future induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t think about it,” Helton said during the Rockies’ 30th anniversary celebration. “But it’s also something I can’t control, so I don’t think about it (too) much. If it happens, I’ll be blessed, grateful, and every other adjective you can think of.”

BBWAA voters, do the right thing.


This week in RockiesVision

This Helton classic seemed timely.

Truly, Helton has a career in acting if he sets his mind to it.

After all, who can forget this gem?


Remembering some guys

Tony Wolters has hung up his catchers gear:

Thomas Harding reports that Wolters will try coaching next with the Rockies Arizona Complex League team.


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