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Affected by Altitude

Affected by Altitude: A Tired Trade Deadline Tête-à-tête

The Rockies’ complete inaction frustrated the die-hards and generated apathy in the casual fans. Mac, Skyler, and Evan sit down and have a long conversation about this franchise.

Affected by Altitude: Here Comes the Deadline Again

The trade deadline fast approaches, but why are the Rockies so gunshy? Germán Márquez and Elias Díaz have improved in July, and it's time again for Players of the Month.

Affected by Altitude: All-Star Breaking Hearts

Skyler, Mac, and Evan discuss the All-Star Week festivities, the Rockies draft, expectations for the second half, and the Juan Soto situation.

Affected by Altitude: Sponsored by Nik-L-Nips

As the Rockies end the first half, the lads discuss Montero returning to the minors, a worrying potential trade deadline outcome, and play a game with Mac!

Affected by Altitude: Mac to the Future(s Game)

We swapped Skyler out for Mac in an episode where we discuss Kris Bryant’s power, Elehuris Montero (again), the fate of Colton Welker, and the Futures Game!

Affected by Altitude: Can You Be Log-Jammed in a Two-Man Show?

Skyler and Evan are back, sans Mac, to discuss the logjam keeping Elehuris Montero from regular playing time, the return of Kris Bryant, and the Daniel Bard dilemma.

Affected by Altitude: Say It Ain’t So. I Will Not Go.

It’s time to have a difficult conversation: the Rockies aren’t a bad team on paper but they have two major problems: analytics and coaching.

Affected by Altitude: Get Your Game On. Go Play.

Your hosts emerge from a week long hiatus to discuss Chuck Nazty, Chuck Nazty Jr., the late innings relievers, and All-Star ballots!

Affected by Altitude: Fresh New Look, Same Old Injuries

The Rockies are on a skid and Kris Bryant is back on the IL with his back injury, but at least we have some cool new threads.

Affected by Altitude: Hail to the Chief

Back injuries are a pain and the Giants hurt worse, but at least we have the President of the Bullpen to enjoy.

Affected by Altitude: Hit the Road, Jack? I Want to Hit More Jacks on the Road!

The Road Rockies have reared their ugly heads in 2022, and the lads sit down to discuss what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed. Plus we look into how some old friends are doing.

Affected by Altitude: How the Grich Stole... Mac’s Heart?

The fellas take a look at the Rockies’ big offseason trade and see how it has worked out for both sides. Plus, Brendan Rodgers is finally breaking out of his slump while Germán Márquez is still stuck in one.

Affected by Altitude: Hot Rocks and Back Pain

Skyler and Evan are joined by our very own Kenneth Weber to wrap up to talk about Kuhl cats, slumps, a miserable road trip, and wrap up the month of April!

Affected by Altitude: Live Freeland or Die Bard

Skyler, Mac, and Evan discuss Kyle Freeland’s extension, Daniel Bard’s strong start to the season, and the upcoming roster crunch!

Affected by Altitude: Hot Cup of Joe and Cold Beef Chuck

We’re a week into the 2022 season discussing who’s hot and who’s not!

Affected by Altitude: Actual Breaking News (at time of recording)

It’s the first episode of the 2022 season, and we got some actual incredible breaking news to discuss during the episode! Plus we recap Opening Day and the 28-man roster.

Affected by Altitude: The Great Big Spring Training Roster Breakdown Episode

Opening Day is a week away, and your intrepid hosts are here to break down the roster so far!

Affected by Altitude: Big Dollar Bill Schmidt

It’s hard to remember an offseason this busy in recent Rockies history as Bill Schmidt opened up the wallet for another extension and pulled off a rare Rockies trade.

Affected by Altitude: Affected Pebbles By Altitude Report

The crews of both Purple Row podcasts come together to discuss the team’s big splash signing, as well as the other free agency moves.

Affected by Altitude: Kris-mas Came Early! Bryant is a Rockie

In a huge move, the Rockies have signed Kris Bryant to a seven-year deal

Affected by Altitude: Open the Gates! The Lockout is Over!

After a grueling 99 days, the lockout is over and baseball is back!

Affected by Altitude: It’s Extra Cold When You’re Locked Outside Without Baseball

With a month left of winter and spring training delayed, we discuss Bud Black’s extension, the Hall of Fame, and this darn lockout.

Affected by Altitude: Women belong in places where baseball decisions are being made

An increase in women on and off the diamond and in media is a welcome change

Affected by Altitude: Off-season Hurdles

We’re still locked out, but that doesn’t stop shakeups in the front office and coaching staff.

Affected by Altitide: We’re Locked Out

The first lockout since 1994 has begun, but you can’t lock out the hosts of Affected by Altitude!

Affected by Altitude: A Podcast Turkey Stuffed with Offseason Discussion (and Cranberry Sauce on the Side)

Gather your loved ones around the table for an extra big helping of monthly podcast, and keep your bellies full during the long offseason.

Affected by Altitude: The Big Huge 2021 Awards Show Episode

With the 2021 World Series on the horizon, there’s no better time to dole out the Rockies awards for the season in our final major episode of the year!

Affected by Altitude: Are You Schmidtten With Our New GM?

This week, we discuss the Rockies’ official new general manager and his first two contracts. We also talk Arizona Fall League and the playoffs so far!

Affected by Altitude: Story Time with Mac and Me

Mac and Evan discuss Trevor Story’s likely departure, the Rockies free agent class, Larry Walker Weekend, and the playoff picture!

Affected by Altitude: Is It Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer?

The Rockies are finally out of the running. Is it time to start shutting people down? Meanwhile the Padres completely collapsed and the Redbirds meteorically ascended from their ashes.

Affected by Altitude: No More Bullpen Blues?

Your hosts discuss the evolution of the Rockies bullpen, competitive divisions, and the exciting AL MVP race in a new episode of the Purple Row Podcast.

Affected by Altitude: Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer

Your hosts discuss Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame induction, rookie debuts, Wild Card races, and Jeter’s hype machine.